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with wedding season peeking it's end (although i still have 5 more to go) i have come to realize that every wedding is so very different, yet the moments are so similar. wedding are such an amazing time and every time i photograph one, i simply fall in love all over again. one of my new favorite shots, though there are MANY, that i have come to love is the ring shot. i try to make the shot specific to their wedding. tell a story with the ring. i have included some examples below and i would love for you all to put links to your favorite rings shots and tell me why you love them or why you did what you did with the rings. INSPIRE ME!

this one was from a wedding where the couple were avid hunters/fishermen
r by you.

this one was simply for fun
r1 by you.

this was a very classy, elegant wedding and i thought this fit it perfectly
r2 by you.

this wedding was decorated in daisies...on the bouquet, down the isle, tabletops
r3 by you.

and these last two were from a backyard, kickback, wedding in a hayfield

r5 by you.

now post away...i would love to see yours!!
xoxo, shannon


  1. Wow, These are fabulous! I've been notcing a lot more of these types of photos and I LOVE them. I really like how you make them flow with the wedding. The hunting/fishing one is soo creative!

    BTW, Congrats on being a guest judge this week at I ♥ Faces!

    And finally, I never realized you were from Kansas. (Is that correct?) I am in Missouri.

  2. thanks! i, shannon, am from montana...but megan (who is featured on i♥faces) is from kansas.

  3. Anonymous8/17/2009


    I am Megan's father-in-law and every now and then will take a peek at TML. I am always impressed. I am not a fisherman, but the two rings on the fish hooks is AWSOME! Such a unique idea


  4. thanks, grumpy!! i appreciate it! :)

  5. I loved all of these shots! What a great idea!

  6. thanks for the inspiration!!!

  7. Very cool Shannon!

  8. Love love love the fish hooks!!! I do the same thing with my weddings. Most brides request the rings-on-flowers shot, but I always try to do other things. I sneak around and find things that are entirely unique. Sunday's wedding (not processed yet!) provided me with the groom's favorite college football team. His "lucky charm" -- a stuffed elephant (mascot for said team) was on his cake table. Of course I had to put the rings on the elephant tusks!

  9. I am working feverishly at a wedding I attended this summer... I posted some mother daughter moments in the maternal lens on flickr.. would love to know what you think...


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