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photo of the day [thursday]

I knew immediately when I saw this photo, this was the one. She titled it "Welcome to my world " and I thought, hey what is she doing in my world? A little lady jumping on the bed, and baby in arms, this is my world too! Huh, wonder if she has another one in her tummy already like I do? Yes that's right, I am pregnant again. My baby is 8 months old though, a little older than this one. But this could be a scene out of my house. Gotta love kiddos! Photo taken by AJSPhoto's


  1. Congrats on your pregnancy :)

  2. I'm sweatin' just thinking about being pregnant and still having a babe in arms.

    Whew! Best of luck.


    The photo is amazing.

  3. this photo makes me smile! that SO much energy and peace can be in same room! i would say this resembles the life of many of us moms! children are wonderful!

  4. Wow, i'm so honored to have my photo chosen, whoo-hoo! And no, not pregnant again.... never again! I have another son who was not pictured and that's plenty for me =)

  5. I love this photo!!
    congrats on your pregnancy!

  6. Great photo!

    And congratulations!


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