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photo of the day {friday}

happy friday, everyone!!! today is a special day for me...my first born baby turns 8 today. birthdays are always bittersweet for me. my heart aches to see my baby grow older and bigger....i thought he promised me that he would stay little forever. it makes me sad to see how fast it goes, how quick it passes. yet, on the otherhand, i feel so proud and so happy to see him grow into this amazing, amazing young man. so smart, so well behaved, so...him.
okay...before i start crying, again, here's the photo of the day :)
taken by lilpuddlejumpers
Back 2 School


  1. adorable shot - and happy birthday to your young man shan - now you're going to make me cry! xo

  2. I love this shot! happy bday B!

  3. What an adorable "back to school" shot!

  4. this photo is adorable!


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