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{photo of the day: friday}

so, it's only 9:20pm...so it's still totally friday!!! better late than never, right?!
i *love* this photo for so many reasons.....
taken by the ubertalented darla. make sure you check out her flickr stream....but only if you have lots of time because you will get sucked in!!

don't forget to put your photos in the TML flickr group....you may be the next photo of the day!


  1. awwwwwwwwwww! thanks so much!!! what an honor! i'm glad you like this photo!!! xo

  2. Lovin this photograph, nice choice :) Good work Darla, for me the little splotches of color make it work.

  3. i am a total darla groupie!! this photo is wonderful. let's add darla to our low-down throw-down list!! she's awesome. xo


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