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{low down, throw down with morgaine owens)

the first time i saw morgaine's site/blog i fell in love and found myself still looking at her work an hour later. she has amazing style, an amazing eye and incredible photography. every time i look at her stuff i am inspired, i smile and i find myself just sitting a staring at her images.
if you already know her, then you know exactly what i'm talking about---and if you are not familiar with her, read all about her and then head over to her site and be ready to be amazed!!

i'm happy to introduce morgaine owens to you....

{photo taken by Justin Demers - Still Motion}

Morgaine Owens
Business name:
Morgaine Owens Photography, but I'm in the middle of rebranding, so the name's going to change soon...
Vancouver, B.C. Canada
www.morgaineowensphotography.com as well as www.pure-newborn-photography.com

Tell us one sentence to describe your photography: A relentless pursuit of revealing the common beauty all around us.

what's one thing that everyone should know about you? I could easily jump up in the middle of a conversation and bounce around the room wildly!

How long have you been doing photography and how did you get started: I graduated from the Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design with a bachelor's degree in painting and photography in 2003, and started my business shortly after. I shot my first wedding in 2000 while I was still a student, but photography really started for me by watching my mum when I was little, excitedly purchase a new film SLR and proceed to take a bazillion photos. She's primarily a nature photographer, and does it for her own enjoyment, but that passion must have rubbed off on me somehow. She would enter her photos into the local fair and often win ribbons. It still makes her so happy to be taking pictures of EVERYTHING. When she got that new camera, she gave me her old one, the one my Grandad had given her... so thanks Mum for giving me a start!

What did you want to be or think you would be when you grew up?: I didn't have any particular dreams of jobs as a child, but I did really, really want to take dance lessons. Ballet, modern, ANYTHING that was dancing. I didn't end up taking any classes at all until I was an adult. I learned bellydancing for a while, and now I've been taking tango for a while. LOVE it! I think the only thing that crossed my mind as a career option, was when I was about 10 or so, my Grandmother mentioned that I should be an interior designer. She explained to me that, because I really loved to arrange furniture and decorate my room over and over again in new ways, that there was a job for that. I was excited about that idea, because it seemed to be something that fit with who I was... My Mum has told me many times about how, as a 2 year old, I would neatly arrange all of my toys in my toybox. I would then proceed to take one out at a time and play with it, then return it to it's spot and take another to play with. I know, weird behavior for a 2 year old, but even as a teenager, my room was always organized and things deliberately placed for maximum aesthetic appeal, and I'm sure you could have an interesting conversation about this with my husband!

If you were given $500 today, what would be the first thing you would do?: Go out for a relaxing dinner with my husband and put the rest in the bank for that trip around the world that we'll take someday.

Where do you go to find inspiration?: My inspiration comes from my emotional and spiritual experiences as a mother, and so much comes from the natural world. I love to be near the ocean, or in the ocean, or in trees somewhere. I'm blessed in Vancouver to have an abundance of nature within arms reach, even though I live in the city. There are forms and patterns and colors and textures that are absolutely amazing. Try separating a spinach leaf in two and look at the inside color and texture... so beautiful. I'm always happier when I have a garden, and can spend time with plants and dirt and bugs and the sun and the air. I love to grow food and eat it. It's a magical thing. I also gain inspiration from other artists. I'm lucky to live near a neighborhood full of art galleries. I take my son to see the new work all the time.

What type of sessions are your favorite (children, e-sessions, weddings, newborns....) and why?:
I care most about the deep emotional connections we have with one another as human beings, and how that is uniquely expressed by each person. It can be subtle and tender or loud and passionate... so amazing and wonderful and vital to our existence! So any time I get to witness this love, I'm happy. I especially like couple's sessions for this reason. My very favorite, however, is newborn sessions. The love and the amazement and wonder of life are so fresh for the parents, and of course I get to welcome a new soul early in their lives, which also is magic and an honor. As well, the sessions tend to last longer than regular sessions, and the ambiance is very focused and subdued, which makes it kind of like a meditation for me. I like that.

What equipment do you use and if you had only one lens to use...what would it be?:
My gear includes a Canon 5D Mark 2, Canon 5D, 50 1.4, 24-70L, 70-200L, 24TS, speedlite 580ex, and I regularly rent other lenses to try them out... particularly macros and primes. If I only had one lens to use it would be my 50 1.4. It's got beautiful ability for low light and bokeh, and is great for portraits.

What moment in your life makes you smile every single time you think about it?:
The moment my son was born, I looked around the room and declared to each person: "I love everyone in this room! I love you, and I love you, and I love YOU, and I love you and I love you." I was definitely on an endorphin high. So funny, but so beautiful at the same time.

What is at the top of your wish list right now?:
To be able to continue to grow my business to the point where I can build my own studio and also take some time each year to travel with my family.

Tell us the best advice that you have ever received (photography related or life in general):
I was apprenticed to a First Nations Elder in wildcrafting, which is selectively harvesting plants from their natural habitat for consumption or medicinal purposes, and one time we were out, he noted that the next week would be the time that the wild strawberries would be ready. As we were looking at the plants and smiling huge smiles of anticipation for the ripe strawberries that were coming, I announced that I would bring a huge pail the following week so I could pick as many as I could. My mind was filled with the amount of strawberries I could pick and how many I could freeze and how I would enjoy strawberries all year... when he quietly said "No, you'll bring a small pail and fill it and leave the rest." I began to protest and repeat my desire to bring a huge bucket for the windfall I was going to enjoy, when he repeated his statement. "No you're going to bring a small pail and fill it and leave the rest." It wasn't until later that I realized that so many other animals in that area depend on the wild berries for their survival, and Morgan was teaching me about greed, even though I didn't realize I was being greedy, and he was very kind and gentle about it, and let me figure it out for myself. A great learning experience, and advice for living that can be used in any circumstance... it feels good to think and feel beyond your own needs and wants to caring for those around you.

If we surprised you at your house today, what would be the first thing we would notice?
That I don't have much furniture... In fact I don't even have a bed. My home is very small, and I have hardly any belongings. I love it this way. It allows me to feel light and organized and my home is easy to clean in about 30 minutes. My main room is my office, client meeting area, natural light studio, baby playroom, and at night... sleeping room for me and my husband. It easily adapts to each purpose. I love that kind of simplicity. The thing that I do have is a small art collection. That I'm keeping!

And lastly.....when we started the maternal lens, all of us filled out this questionnaire and shared our answers....now it's your turn :)

What is your favorite word? BLIMP! such a great sounding word... and I love the shape and how the older, original ones look like seed pods. The modern variety, mmm, not so interesting.
What is your least favorite word? debt
What turns you on creatively, spiritually or emotionally? Hearing a great live musical performance. I particularly love live opera. Hearing someone use their voice in such a beautiful way is very inspiring. As well as symphonies. A great symphonic performance can keep my on an emotional high for weeks. I remember being at the VSO for a performance of Borodin's Polovtsian Dances, and the person I was with at one point jumped out of his chair with arms raised and yelled YES!. I wish I had done that too. It was how I was feeling, but my manners were more intact then. I'm working on it. See the above question: "one thing everyone should know about you"
What turns you off creatively, spiritually or emotionally? Insecurity. Fear. Self-doubt. The usual.
What sound or noise do you love? Anything underwater... even if it's just the bathtub.
What sound or noise do you hate? car brakes screetching... or nails on a chalkboard. Don't know which one's worse.
What is your favorite curse word? Dammit. I've been known to swear a little too much at times... I'm working on it!
What profession other than your own would you like to attempt? Professional hot air balloon operator... or grandmaster of the Japanese Tea Ceremony in my own tearoom.
What profession would you not like to do? anything to do with endless amounts of number crunching and paperwork or a job where everyone dislikes you. Taxman, parking officer, tow truck driver... That sort of thing.
If Heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the Pearly Gates? Well done.

now, leave some blog love for morgaine and make sure you visit her website and become a follower of her blog....

a big thank you to morgaine owens!!!


  1. Amazing...I especially love the one of the baby yawning. I am not that quick to catch those moments. Espcially with my own child, makes me wonder what you could do with her.

  2. HA! I just found this blog. AWESOME! LOVE IT.

    ... and that little baby wrapped up and just sitting there. To cute.

  3. Wow! Her work is beautiful! I have never seen her stuff and I'm excited to go check the rest of it out! I love the "feel" of her photos. Great interview! Thanks so much for sharing!

  4. What an incredible photographer... definitely adding her to my reader! Wow!

  5. wonderful morgaine!! your photos are spectacular and beautiful and i am at once calm and serene. [until annie interrupts me!!]

  6. melyssa11/05/2009

    Her work is beautiful! I love the honesty of her answers. Makes me want to be her new best friend. :)
    I can't wait to follow your work!!

  7. Morgaine you are quite amazing! I LOVE your newborn work...so stunning! Thanks for letting us get to know you!

  8. Oh... so sweet and lovely to receive such beautiful words. Thank you. Melyssa, it feels like we're already friends...

  9. i was already a huge fan of morgaine's. i follow her blog and through her...found you. lovin' the maternal lens. looking forward to following.


  10. Morgaine is one of the most soulful, talented and caring photographers I know. She deserves this recognition. Great choice and congrats, Morgaine!!

  11. wonderful work...but i really want to hear more about the minimal furniture thing! photos?

  12. Love Emily Carr, I'm sure it was amazing to study at her Institute of Art and Design. Vancouver is such a beautiful place!

  13. TheReadFam... just so you know, that shot was actually posed by Carrie Sandoval and Brittany Woodall at their Baby As Art Workshop, and shot and edited by me. Their workshops are stellar, and I recommend it to anyone interested in newborn photography. Check out their site... it will blow your mind!!!

  14. Anonymous11/22/2009

    I am such a fan of Morgaine Owens Photography... Her love of humanity... She is the ultimate of all that we should be striving for... an open heart and mind. She is the most open person I have ever had the peasure of knowing. Her words on her blog have such depth and have brought tears to my eyes... tears of joy of course. Thank you for sharing Morgaine... Thank you for caring. Mum


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