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[thanksgiving garland]

amazing that this thursday is thanksgiving!! i came across this adorable garland to help in your holiday decorating. patti friday of the liberty post is full of great ideas and this is no exception. purchase-print-present! voila an easy and affordable gift idea for your hostess or for yourself. a perfect last minute fun project!

Picture 440

Picture 444


  1. i just hung up a similar garland made with vintage clip art! cute!!!

  2. PLEASE NOTE: Link to garland was deleted by me because I had layout issues...my apologies...you will find a NEW post with garland paypal buy button etc. on my blog now. www.libertypostgallery.blogspot.com

    Thank You so very much for promoting my design and blog. Big Canadian Bear Hug! LPxo

  3. Oooh, love this!!!!


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