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i was just reading the december issue of self magazine. i admit it, i read it, get inspired..... and then do nothing. something to work on for 2010 - [that's a story for another day.]

photographer deborah lopez offers some good advice on how to look fab in a holiday party photo that may end up on facebook.

her tips:

1. don't be shot from below - why? you'll look slimmer if shot from above or straight on. if you are shot from below your chest and stomach are on the same plane ahead of your face - result...they will seem larger. nobody wants that effect!!

2. keep your hands sans cocktail. - why? "sorority chick than chic" - ok i buy that.

3. twist it - why? you will look leaner if you twist your hips and place one towards the camera, the other away. keep your shoulders relaxed and facing the photog. everybody likes the long neck look!

4. no double chins allowed. - why? well for obvious reasons. place that chin forward oh so slightly and down. i'll have to work on that one.

5. smile a real smile. - why? you can't fake a decent smile. deborah suggests you imagine you're saying hello to a small child. i say, think some really good thoughts!

have fun at your holiday parties and look fabulous in your photos. you know they'll eventually show up on facebook. everything does! smile!! xo

[regardless. i do love the images above. some people just look fabulous naturally - with a cocktail or not!]


  1. Those are great tips! One thing I learned when photographing my oldest daughter (9) is she has a crappy smile. She does the typical "cheesy" grin. I learned to tell her to giggle. Her laughing smile is so genuine and beautiful! A little giggle goes a long way!

  2. i agree!! a giggle def. goes a long way for young and old!!

  3. This is great Meg! I love those photos too and the tips are great.

  4. I have to add with a giggle when asking a child to think thoughts make sure you are secific. I got a series of funny faces (one being the link) when I asked B to close his eyes and think of something that would make him smile. After all the wierd silly hard looks I finally asked "What are you thinking about silly?" His answer " Ahhhhhhh WWF" in a loving tone. LOL!


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