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we thought it would be fun to do a little question and answer session with all 5 of the maternal lens girls!! we love to connect with our readers and it's fun for us to share a little bit about us too.

so, here's how it will work....

~any and all questions can be emailed to thousandwords@bresnan.net

~you can ask a generic question to all 5 of us and one of us will randomly answer it OR you can ask a specific question to any of the 5 ladies.

here's our info if it helps you:
meg- blog website
shannon- blog website
sarah- blog website
megan- blog website
jen- blog1 blog2

~although i'm sure most questions will be photography related...
they don't have to be.

~this will be an ongoing post and we will randomly be posting answers. so keep asking and we'll keep sharing.

we look forward to hearing from you all!!!


  1. No questions...just love your blog!

  2. thanks for the questions and keep them coming. i have written these 2 down....but be sure to email me your questions instead of posting them here. thanks!!!

  3. Anonymous1/22/2010

    I'm not wanting to go pro myself ever but want decent pictures documented of my kids. What would you recommend in a camera that's easy to use but gives more of a nice professional look rather then the 1980's snapshot!
    Thanks ladies I love your work!

  4. Trying to find you girls on flickr, can you post your links :)

  5. sure! our flickr links:
    jen- http://www.flickr.com/photos/pinkpooka/
    megan- http://www.flickr.com/photos/marleysmama/
    meg- http://www.flickr.com/photos/shoot_photography/
    sarah- http://www.flickr.com/photos/39553247@N00/
    shannon- http://www.flickr.com/photos/jsbb123/

  6. Anonymous2/05/2010

    I love TML!! Great advice all the time. I need help...I need a good zoom lens but at the same time a wide angle. Like for weddings you want to get the whole group shot but the details be visible too( Clear faces) HELP!!!! Any suggestions I have a cannon! Thanks

  7. Anonymous2/05/2010

    Soory I just saw where I should e mail you instead of posting. Will email you.

  8. just found your blog! this is a fantastic idea and I look forward to "lurking" around your blog for the next few hours lol - my question...
    how did you come up with the idea to do a blog like this and are you open to take on any new authors?

  9. I love your blog! I just discovered it today! :)

  10. I was wondering what kind of cameras (and specific models) you all use. I'm always curious to see what kind of gear others are using. :)

  11. How long does it usually take you to edit a typical family photo shoot? Also, would you mind sharing your workflow? Thanks!

  12. Glad to have found this blog. Love it! Keep it coming... and Thank You!

  13. What is your favorite lens and why?

  14. Anonymous8/25/2010

    Just trying to figure out my Canon 40D. I like to use AV creative mode when shooting outdoors, but sometimes the colors looked washed out. What am I doing wrong? Also, what's the trick to making sure your subject is in complete focus in this mode? I feel like I'm using the trial and error method (moving closer to my subject and backing up, etc.) but that there should be an easier way! Thanks in advance.

  15. I would like to know what tool/company do each of you use for your professional website (non-blog site). Does any of you use SmugMug or similar tool for sellng products online? Thanks!

  16. stephanie golden10/11/2010

    I really enjoy this site! I entered the zozobugbaby and and Gracylu Originals, via facebook,contest and honestly did not know much about this site but after seeing a friend post it I think this site is just fabulous!

  17. What point in a pregnancy is the best time to do a maternity shoot?

    I received an inquiry from a potential client who is due in late February.

  18. Anonymous11/01/2010

    I was wondering if anyone could suggest a good beginning flash for a Cannon Rebel XTI. I don't want an expensive one as I am just learning and the Cannon brands tend to be just that. I don't know anything at all about anyother brands and was hoping to get some input from some people out there who might. It is greatly appreciated. Thanks so much and Love the site!!!

  19. How do you show your clients their photos? Do you meet in person or have an online proof sheet?

  20. Trying to leave a comment on the blog for the great giveaway! I can't locate where to do that (although yesterday it was RIGHT THERE!) Please help! I went to each vendor to love them up a little. I am so excited at the possibilities the giveaway entails... It's totally awesome! THANK YOU!
    Jessie Crowley

  21. Hairfixr11/25/2010

    Just found your blog... I am so excited to check things out...

  22. I love your blog. I just posted the link to this awesome giveaway opportunity with you tagged. Now I'm onto some more loving.....

  23. Hi,
    Like your blog, logs, and other funs stuff I have been following. I am not personally interested in photography as a profession, but have other professionals and up and comers that love to take pics of my hair bows, hair pieces, feather flars, hats, etc. They really make thier pics look good and my product even better. Just wondering if I can be in on one of your giveaways that you are doing. Here is my link to my facebook page that has tons of pics. It is still my personal page, but trying to change over.
    Check it out. PLease put a personal message when you send the friend request. We have been published in 4 newspapers since july and have really had a great following in such a short time, but love to broaden our base any chance we can get. Talk soon,
    Bow love Hair Bows

  24. I just found you guys and seriously, what you do fits perfectly with what I do! I am training photographer around the world to be official beauty campaign photographers. Check out what I am doing at http://mybeautycampaign.com. It is an incredible campaign, and it would be fabulous if you guys wanted to do a blog/facebook post on the campaign. Let me know what you think! Thanks so much! mandi@mybeautycampaign.com

  25. Love your blog! So informative and inspiring. Thought I would share in great giveaway that any photog would LOVE to win...

    Check out Laura Winslow Photography for details.

  26. I just placed my two entries in the birthday contest, but then realized I failed to mention which prizes I prefer. I don't want to do a third & get disqualified, but I can't remove one entry & start it again. What do I do? I would love to win the blue or the orange package only because all are so great that I had to narrow it down to color choices ;)

  27. Anna Wilson3/10/2011

    I just posted on facebook. All the prizes look great and it was so hard to coose my favorite, but it would have to be the Red package, and then it would have to be the blue.

  28. Great blog!! Just wanted to give a shout out!

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