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{ They are listening }

So, this is part photography blog, and part mommy blog, and with this post I am attempting to give you a taste of both.

I was reading an article today, and found it impossible not to share some of it. Hopefully you will love it as much as I did, and put some or all of it to good use.

With our busy, day to day lives, sometimes it is easy to forget to be really present and 'talk' to our children. Of course they know we love them, but sometimes we forget the things that they need to hear, and hear often.

{19 Things we should say to our Children}

1. I love you! There is nothing that will make me stop loving you. Nothing you could do or say or think will ever change that.

All you need is... (edit)

2. You are amazing! I look at you with wonder! Not just at what you can do, but who you are. There is no one like you. No one!

Is anybody up there?

3. It’s all right to cry. People cry for all kinds of reasons: when they are hurt, sad, glad, or worried; when they are angry, afraid, or lonely. Big people cry too. I do.


4. You’ve made a mistake. That was wrong. People make mistakes. I do. Is it something we can fix? What can we do? It’s all over. You can start fresh. I know you are sorry. I forgive you.

summer afternoon

5. You did the right thing. That was scary or hard. Even though it wasn’t easy, you did it. I am proud of you; you should be too.

Tiny Snail 092(3)watermark

6. I’m sorry. Forgive me. I made a mistake.

IMG_8578 copy_WEB

7. You can change your mind. It’s good to decide, but it is also fine to change.

juneseventh 037-2webwatermark

8. What a great idea! You were really thinking! How did you come up with that? Tell me more. Your mind is clever!

coupe 047webwatermark

9. That was kind. You did something helpful and thoughtful for that person. That must make you feel good inside. Thank you!

Sheriff ²

10. I have a surprise for you. It’s not your birthday. It’s for no reason at all. Just a surprise, a little one, but a surprise.

"It's for you."

11. I can wait. We have time. You don’t have to hurry this time.

perry 044webwatermark

12. What would you like to do? It’s your turn to pick. You have great ideas. It’s important to follow your special interests.

fathersday 055watermark

13. Tell me about it. I’d like to hear more. And then what happened? I’ll listen.


14. I’m right here. I won’t leave without saying good-bye. I am watching you. I am listening to you.

Global Village

15. Please and Thank You. These are important words. If I forget to use them, will you remind me?

Dairy Queen 040(2)webwatermark

16. I missed you. I think about you when we are not together!

my girl...

17. Just try. A little bit. One taste, one step. You might like it. Let’s see. I’ll help you if you need it. I think you can do it.

cake 104(2)webwatermark

18. I’ll help you. I heard you call me, here I am. How can I help you? If we both work together, we can get this done. I know you can do it by yourself, but I’m glad to help since you asked.

Making cinnamon rolls with Grandma...

19. What do you wish for? Even if it’s not yet time for birthday candles and we don’t have a wishbone, it’s still fun to hear about what you wish for, hope for, and dream about.

The best place to seek God is in the garden.

{*The original source for this article can be found HERE } Ü


  1. thank you for such a beautiful reminder .. perfect!

  2. Anonymous1/05/2010

    beautiful. what a wonderful post. thank you.


  3. Love this post, it so much reminded me of The Little Prince by Exupéry. All of this things are teaching kids to become loving, caring and resposible adults that is getting be rare in our times. Picture choises are perfect as well. Thank you so much for this post!

    1. Anonymous12/22/2012

      How does it remind you of the Little Prince?

  4. It's rare that a post makes me tear up and get goosebumps. Thank you for this. :) And for the gentle reminder of the messages we need to send out kids, especially those of us that didn't get these messages given to us.

    1. Anonymous6/21/2012


    2. Anonymous10/29/2012

      Couldn't have said it better myself!

    3. Anonymous11/04/2012

      I'm right there with you, Buttercupyaya.

  5. That was surprisingly moving...I'm proud of myself that the list wasn't totally unfamiliar to me. I'm doing a pretty good job listening. Thanks for the reminder ...and the reassurance.

  6. What a beautiful post. Many thoughts we seem to forget...

  7. THIS is my all time favorite ML post! Such important words, such beautiful photos to accompany them! Thank you for sharing these.

  8. Beautiful words that I love to share with my twins. Thank you. xox

  9. love this! thanks so much for sharing....I wish I could hang this on my fridge! : )

    1. Anonymous4/11/2012

      you can hang it on your fridge...I'm printing it up on my computer and hanging it for a reminder! :)

  10. A wonderful and important post!! With gorgeous images :)

  11. What a beautiful and simple reminder of what to do and say to our little loves. Thanks for sharing this.

  12. Just what I needed to hear today. I have three sick kiddos and my patience is thin. Off to squeeze, hug, and snuggle!

  13. Wow, so inspirational! Thank you for this.

  14. love them all! It is so hard to be a parent sometimes and it is so easy to overlook the little things that our children need. I have found that every once in awhile, pulling one of my boys aside and telling that how glad I am that I had them and that I am so blessed by them usually gets a big grin and of course laughing when they make a joke. They think it is great when they are funny hehe

  15. Such a good reminder to share some real special moments with your children....sometimes the most meaningful memories you make with your children are free. THanks so much for sharing!!

  16. I LOVE this post! So beautiful and perfect!

  17. I so love this. Thank you for sharing.

  18. those were great, thanks for sharing!

  19. Anonymous1/10/2010

    Awww, as a Grandmother I wish I could do it all over! I have great grown-up children, though, and will remember these words to live by for my grandchildren. Thank you.

  20. Beautiful! I love what you have done with this. The message is as great as the photos!

  21. Beautiful. So glad I do say these to my girls. Such important words we spread ...

  22. May He bless you abundantly for reminding me of these special truths today...

  23. What a great post! We are all humans and being reminded as to what is important is, well, important.

    1. What a treasure to share! Know too, that the kiddos never get to old to hear these important words...Thanks for creating a pathway to discover our children in many more ways! And what wonderful people the will become for our efforts...

  24. Anonymous3/03/2012

    This is so ~PERFECT~

  25. Anonymous3/03/2012

    perfect words to live by! Thanks for the reminder!

  26. Anonymous3/03/2012

    What a beautiful reminder!

  27. Anonymous3/03/2012

    Absolutely beautiful!

  28. Anonymous3/04/2012

    in my quest to help them make good choices I forget sometimes to watch them grow. thank you for this.

  29. Anonymous3/04/2012

    Thank you so much for putting these together. Great reminders to us all. And also great for those of us who are teachers - these little reminders should go up in every classroom.

  30. I need to try number 11! That would shock a few children around here! haha! =)

  31. Anonymous3/04/2012

    As a teacher, I am going to type these up and tape them to my desk. I need to remember these phrases for my students as well as my own kids!!

  32. I've been feeling like a terrible mother today, just wishing there was a rule book on how to be perfect. This helped, and was encouraging, even to me: I make mistakes, but I can do better. Tomorrow is another day, and I want my daughters to know I feel all of these things for them. Thank you.

  33. Anonymous3/05/2012

    My kids are are grown and I can still use every one of these...and now, through the Lord's blessing, I have a granddaughter to use them on as well :)
    God Bless.

  34. This comment has been removed by the author.

  35. Anonymous3/05/2012

    Thank you for this. Today was awful-- I have teething twins, and today was particularly bad for all of us. This was exactly what I needed to put things back into perspective. Thank you.

  36. Anonymous3/06/2012

    Beautiful. Thank you.

  37. Anonymous3/06/2012

    This is lovely!

  38. Thank you! Will be reposting this so that I can remember!

  39. Anonymous3/07/2012

    What treasures!!! Words are so important for our children at all ages, for our grandchildren, for our students, our friends, our spouses & for any of us for that matter!!! I copied & hand wrote each of these into my journal and as doing so, I also felt like the daughter I am to my Heavenly Father. I felt treasured as if He too were speaking these words over me!!!! Be kind with all your words as you don't know what someone, yes, even our little kiddos, are going through at any given moment!!! Thank you for this post, it was BEAUTIFUL and has given me warm fuzzies, allowing the "little girl" in me to feel Loved!!!!

  40. Anonymous3/07/2012

    Brought tears to my eyes. :)

  41. Anonymous3/08/2012

    you forgot I am proud of you.you did a wonderful job.

    1. Anonymous4/11/2012

      I agree! I try to say "I am proud of you". Often!

  42. Awww - I love this! I think it should be posted on my wall to remind us as parents what is important

  43. Anonymous3/09/2012

    Love these! I plan to put together a "book" for a couple who are expecting their first child in June. These will be added along with other bits if wisdom I have collected and learned from experience. Thank you!!

  44. absolutely lovely post! :) Thank you!

  45. This is very much appreciated and these words are such good reminders.!

  46. Greetings -

    Thank you for your encouraging and heart-warming post.

    You've provided an excellent reminder, not only that our children are listening to us, but of the critical role mothers and fathers play in the growth of their kids.

    I am going to suggest this to my readers.

    Best wishes for continued success!


  47. Anonymous3/16/2012

    I have tears in my eyes, thank you.

  48. Anonymous3/19/2012

    Beautiful reminders! we need to think of these each day when things are so busy and hectic! We will never have this moment again and time goes by so quickly!

  49. I LOVE this!!! May I repost your ideas on my blog if I give you full credit and link back here???

  50. My boys are newly 16, 21 and 24 and while I tried to tell them all these things, I'm sure I forgot to often...but I still work to make sure they know all this especially that no matter what (teenage troubles) i will always love them, that I trust their decisions and will support them, and if it doesn't work out its something you should be proud you tried anyway...thanks for this great reminder!

  51. Anonymous3/23/2012

    Thank you, I Love this!!! I try to tell my son all of these things and am sure I forgot some of them so thank you for reminding me Bless you!

  52. Anonymous3/30/2012

    Wow. This IS perfect. Wonderful. Convicting. Perfectly said, each of the 19 things "to say". I love this. Thank you so much!

  53. Anonymous4/11/2012

    Thank-you that was lovely

  54. Amazing and beautiful list. True, ever last one of them.

  55. Beautiful! Thank you for this!

  56. Awesome reminders. I really love this. But, I wonder about the original source. You mention you read an article & had to share so I'm curious where the original article can be found? You should always credit your sources!

    1. I added the source! Thanks for bringing my attention to that oversight.

  57. This is a beautiful list! Thank you for posting this!

    Mrs. Lirette's Learning Detectives

  58. Just found this today {through Pinterest} - <3 this list! Thanks so much for sharing!

  59. Thank you thank you thank you for this must needed message

  60. Dear ones. This is Grahamcracker speaking:
    All these things are important to say to children; but I really think #6 YOU saying you're sorry to your children cannot be overrated.
    It DEMONSTRATES that you make mistakes and can recover from them. It SHOWS them that they, their ideas, and their actions are important and valued. Here's the other thing though: Occasionally you need to tell them this: "What you did/said was very unkind and it makes me very sad? You need to think about how you can make it right." I know it's related to #4 "You made a mistake" but kindness and accountability are important for your child's future integrity and empathy.

    Mommies and Daddies when you forget to do these things promise me you won't be too tough on yourself. Try again tomorrow!!!
    Lovvies, Grahamcracker

  61. Anonymous5/01/2012


  62. My wife sent me a link to this. I need to say these more often, just to remind them how great they are.

  63. Anonymous5/11/2012

    Wonderful! Thank you for making a beautiful, caring list that doesn't include the bible or praying. I'm Christian, but lately it's really been bugging me. I've met very wonderful caring parents of many different faiths so I think that it's really important that your list doesn't exclude anyone - it's just generous. Thank you.

  64. Wow, I don't even have kids and that was wonderful. Thanks for sharing.

  65. This is lovely. BUT, you really should not be reposting someone else's content like this. Even leaving a small link at the bottom like you've done, doesn't truly give credit where it's due. It's actually stealing of content. The right thing to do is list a few of them and then LINK to the original article.

  66. Anonymous5/29/2012

    It's sad that my mother rarely said any of these things to me. And when she did, she just wanted me to say it back to her (i.e. "I love you"...pause....waiting for me to respond like a robot that I love her too because she needed validation). I think a child shouldn't be forced to say "I love you, too" unless they want to say it. I know that was not the purpose of this post, I'm just venting. I will be a MUCH better mother than my own mother was!

  67. Anonymous6/19/2012

    My dad raised me by himself and I've heard variations of most of these. The only one I've never heard is "what do you wish for?". That is the one that I've always needed to hear. No one has ever asked me.
    When I have kids, I will always remember this.

  68. Anonymous6/23/2012

    These are some of the best suggestions I've ever read concerning our interaction with children. Should be required reading for all, parents & non-parents alike. Well done.

  69. Anonymous7/01/2012

    Fantastic reminders!! Thank you!

  70. Anonymous7/17/2012

    I'm a new mom and its a beautiful reminder and lesson as my daughter and I learn and grow together! Thank you for sharing this.. It really made my day!! <3<3<3<3

  71. Anonymous7/27/2012


  72. Mary Lou8/02/2012

    My daughters are 30 and 32 and you're right, these words are ALWAYS important to hear. Our favorite when they were growing up was, "and THEN what happened?" Now, we never end any phone call without saying "I love you."

  73. .....wish more of this generations busy busy parents & grandparents would slow down a bit, take time to read this post / blog and realize its what you say and do that matters most; NOT what you buy. Thank you for making me smile and I nod in agreement to all 19 items and way more. xo xo xo (my children are 36 & 33....stepchildren 35 & 34.....granddarlings 19, 13, 12, 11, 10, 9, 9, 8, 3, 3,

  74. .....wish more of this generations busy busy parents & grandparents would slow down a bit, take time to read this post / blog and realize its what you say and do that matters most; NOT what you buy. Thank you for making me smile and I nod in agreement to all 19 items and way more. xo xo xo (my children are 36 & 33....stepchildren 35 & 34.....granddarlings 19, 13, 12, 11, 10, 9, 9, 8, 3, 3,

  75. Anonymous8/30/2012

    Beautiful :)

  76. This is lovely, thank you!!

  77. As a mom of 3 wonderful daughters, 2 step daughters, who have now made me a gram... I wish I would have been wise enough to raise them with the help of these 19 items. I am keeping this list close to me so I can use this wisdom during all my loving moments with the grand babies! thank you

  78. Thank you! I cried looking at this because I am a new mom and I am a hectic career woman (attorney) trying to balance my new life. the moments are fleeting and each is to be cherished. While i sit here at my desk making money to support my family, someone else is raising my child and I am missing the moments. I realize it is the best i can do, with what I have, where I am at...but it hurts in the pit of my stomach.
    I also cried because there will be no fishing with grandpa for my son. (Pic. #11). My daddy died one month after my son was born. And in that regard I mourn for my baby boy and for my dad's spirit as he left this world. Time is precious and sometimes we don't have the "time" to wait...Sorry to vent to a group of strangers but this blog caught me a bit unguarded...enjoy your time with young and old alike--and hopefully together.

    1. Anonymous9/20/2012

      I know how you feel about the mourning. My grandfather (who was more like a father to me) passed away 4 months before my son was born. Before he passed, my grandfather held his 4 children (the youngest passed when she was 15 mins old) on pillows to admire them, and he did the same with all 5 of us grandchildren and the 6 great grandchildren that he had before my son came around. There was no pillow holding for my son, there will be no sitting on the porch listening to stories of the old days, no watching the deer in the garden, or playing games while grandpa playfully teased. BUT, since my son was born 4 years ago, we talk about my grandpa. He hears about how wonderful of man he was. I have a picture of him in my son's bedroom and every night after we say his prayers, he always talks to Grandpa and tells him about his day, new things he's learning/learned, and his wishes. It is very hard when you lose someone special, just remember that they are always with us in our hearts and memories. What better way to pay tribute to someone special, than to share memories about them. I am crying as I am typing this b/c today is a hard day, it is my Grandpa's birthday....he would be 93 today, but my son and I spent the day talking about him and he listened while I told him stories of things I did with him when I was a child. The hurt never goes away, its been 5 years this passed August 31st and it still hurts horribly, but remembering the special times make it more bearable as the years pass. I will be praying for you if that is ok.

  79. this is so special. literally got me choked up and i am usually not too sappy. thank u! lovely!

  80. Anonymous9/23/2012

    Thank you for sharing. This is a great reminder.

  81. Anonymous9/23/2012

    Thank you so much, it made me feel good that I am doing the right thing for my son, after being bullied for my own parents I have been trying to raise my son doing and saying all the opposite things I grew up with, hoping I was doing right, I can say I am proud I am in good path with my son, thank you so much.

  82. Anonymous9/24/2012

    WoW, What a wonderful gathering of thoughts and practices. As a Father of 9 and now GrandPa of 25 I appreciate and bless the limited things I managed to do from the list. Until now, it is never too late while your on this side of the grass.

  83. Anonymous9/24/2012

    totally made me cry!!! good tears...sad tears too...

  84. My daughter is almost 2 1/2 years old and I have been saying 90% of these things to her since the day I found out I was pregnant. Its never too early to start!! She was a miracle and I let her know just how much I love her several times a day! She is the greatest, well behaved child you may ever meet!

  85. Aww beautiful post. Thank you for sharing

  86. This is beautiful, thank you!

  87. Excellent. Great reminder of the words we think but often don't say. I am a terrible one for hurrying my kids, for seeming unforgiving of little mistakes - printing and hanging this one!

  88. This was great!

  89. I loved this blog post! Great reminders for ourselves and our children. I adore being a mom and love seeing that passion in others. Our society needs more mothers in love with being mothers! ~ Carlie Jean www.fabulousmaternalblessed.com

  90. Kari Senn10/15/2012

    Thank you so much for sharing this, it made me cry :) there is no better gift in life than our children thank you for the reminder :)

  91. I really liked that

  92. That was beautiful! I loved it, and need to refer back to it often!

  93. Anonymous10/29/2012

    Love this wish I had practiced some of these more I cxn start now

  94. Somedays I get too caught up in life and I don't think to just take a breather and let my child know some of these things on here. I tell her I love her every day but its more than that that our children need from us. Thank you so much for sharing this.

  95. This is beautiful and I need to laminate this list and keep it in my wallet. Such a great reminder for all parents. I would like to share this on my blog? Is that okay? www.raisinglailey.blogspot.com

  96. Anonymous11/08/2012

    This list should be called, everything I never heard as a child lol

  97. Anonymous11/09/2012

    20. "No. Because I said so."
    21. "If you want it, earn the money yourself."
    22. "If you don't clean up your stuff, it gets thrown away."

  98. This is beautiful! It brought tears to my eyes. I am going to start saying these things to my children. I never heard many of these things as a child, and I want them to hear them. I also want to be sure to tell many of my students these things. Thank you for sharing.

  99. Anonymous11/19/2012

    This is incredible. I will use it in my classroom (I teach Kindergarten) because we have so many needy children in our schools who want to have some accountability...this post gives me way to make this happen. In my own life I will use this with my sons who are 18 and 20. I think that even at their ages they will appreciate this. Thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  100. I am sure you aren't aware, but it is a copyright law violation to post that original post in its entirety without permission. Under copyright law, you cannot take the entirety of content. You could instead list one from this list and then link people to the original source for the remainder.

    1. Anonymous12/28/2012

      With all these wonderful posts, there's always one that's got to complain.....

    2. Anonymous2/14/2013

      this text is so beautiful and all of us should share these words and emotions !
      I am sure the owner of this content is happy to see all of us enjoying these
      golden words !
      enjoy your kids and family and be happy ! better kids = better future !

  101. This is a really beautiful (and very practical and true!) list of interactions between parent and child. It's easy to get frustrated, and our children get frustrated too, but showing love during those times is so important- it works wonders with my two year old! Thanx again, you have a new reader right here for sure. :)

  102. Absolutely wonderful, I am so glad I stumbled upon this today. :) Love it, thank you!

  103. Amazing.. <3

  104. Anonymous11/24/2012

    This us so absolutely adorable!

  105. Anonymous11/25/2012

    So simple and I can't wait to practice these with my son -thank you!

  106. Anonymous11/27/2012

    Very nice blog

  107. What a beautiful reminder. Thank you.

  108. Anonymous12/08/2012

    Thanks you for posting this! Such great things we need to remember when going along in our crazy life's!

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  110. Oh goodness these were great.

  111. Anonymous12/26/2012

    How wonderful it would be if parents related to children as God relates to us: with the mighty love and character of God! The relationship that generates this kind of love is just that kind. By His grace, God will enable any parent to convey His unconditional love--these comments are solid gold!

  112. Anonymous12/28/2012

    My children are all grown now, but how I wish I had had a reminder like this back when they were small. I'm sure there were things published similar to it then, but this is especially touching. Absolutely beautiful!!

  113. This is so thoughtful of you to share! Thank you very much.

  114. Anonymous1/13/2013

    What beautiful pictures! What good advice tor parents or anyone for that matter. Isn't there a little bit of that "child" inside of all of us that that appreciates that kind of love, care & compassion? Remembering and using these ideas would make the world a better place for all…

  115. This is great advice. The most important thing is that children feel unconditional love, even when they've done something wrong. Hard for us older generation to break out of. But looking back on my grown children - I would say the one thing that was the most detrimental to them was always telling them everything they do is wonderful. It made it very difficult for them to accept any kind of criticism or even advice from coaches, teachers, and later bosses. I think the YMCA technique of giving everyone a trophy is not the right way to teach children. Seriously, it made transitioning to middle and high school coaches - just very difficult! And hard to accept those less than kind teachers and bosses. We are all raising kids who are given whatever they want. And we are robbing them of an essential skill. Wanting and striving for things you desire is what give you drive. Our kids eventually got it.. But the transition was not smooth, and it coast them along the way. 2¢ from an older parent..

  116. Anonymous2/03/2013

    Simply Beautiful. I am a 32yr Old mother of 4 & Although I say all these things to my oldest daughter(6), I feel ashame to say I havent done it as much to my other 3 boys(3,1 &9mo. Things have become so hectic for me rasing that I feel as if I have no time especially not having any help or family around. I need to try better to do so because I know its crucial in a childs life. I will continue praying the Lord to give me more patience & the right tools to be able to apply these things equally because he knows I truly Love & grateful to have every single one of them. Just so overwhelmed lately. Thank you for the reminder.

  117. Anonymous2/08/2013

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  118. Anonymous2/10/2013

    I believe these words should be spoken to and believed about our spouses as well. Great post. Thank You.

  119. beautiful, perfect and so important !
    thanks for sharing !

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