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{photo} valentine ideas

With Valentine's Day fast approaching, I thought I'd share some ideas for photo valentines!

This is the valentine I made for my daughter's classmates last year. This idea has been all over the web in different variations, but it's always a hit! Take a picture of your child holding a fist, glue your print to scrapbook paper/cardstock and use a utility knife to cut slits above and below the fist so that you can insert the sucker. I embellished my print with some digital scrapbook elements, which can easily be found for free. Another variation on this would be to use a silk flower instead of the sucker. Even a pencil would be cute!

Here we used construction paper to cut X's and O's.

I went looking for some inspiration in the {tml} flickr pool. As always, tons of good stuff to be found there!!!

Here ~paula~ got clever and hung paper hearts in the tree in the background. How cute is that!?

{be mine} by ~paula~.

Aaryn with a Y called in the dog for help! The heart shaped wreath makes a great prop and sometimes the puppy is easier to work with than the kiddos!

I heart U by Aaryn with a Y.

Candy and lollipops always make for great props. They can also help to keep your model happy and still! This great shot is from Catherine Halsey. She also threw in a tutu, which is a timeless sweet touch!

{So Pink} by cmhalsey74.

How about some hand gestures? Great for grown-ups as well as kiddos. This lovely shot is by keli_h.

25.52 // blanket love by keli_h.

Who wouldn't love some heart shaped hair? This darling take on the idea is from
violet tintype.

I Heart You So Much by violet tintype.

This time of year, you can find heart shaped accessories everywhere - why not use them for your valentine image? How cute are these glasses of Madeline Bea's? She has a mama shot to match in her stream!

sweet child of mine by Madeline Bea.

One more idea (I got it from our very own TML mama, Megan!) is to draw a heart tattoo on your kiddo. Works great for boys or girls!

Of course, you could skip the kiddos altogether and play it safe with a nice still life heart shot. You can find all sorts of them in the {tml} flickr pool.

Many designers are offering valentine card templates for photographers, or you can make your own with digital scrapbook elements and papers for a totally custom look. A quick search on flickr or google will bring you tons of options.

Have any other great photo Valentine ideas? Leave us a comment - we'd love to hear about it!

Happy shooting!


  1. Omy gosh!! I love them all!!!! Thank you for sharing this!

  2. My goodness these are adorable!

  3. LOVED THEM! Thanks! Oh, and Jackie Jean rocks too!

  4. Love it! Thanks for the inspiration! I created a lollipop card of my son! Photos of it are on my blog if you'd like to take a peek!


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