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reader v♥lentine's day photos--round 2

here is round 2 of the viewer photos. i have one more group that i will post tomorrow. instead of overloading our love brains, i will continue the love tomorrow! xo
be sure to give a shout out if you see a photo you love!!

"rock the cradle of love" amanda tacker

"little love bugs" chelsi mcfadden

"love rain down" shauna dubois

erika snow

"a girl with a big heart" sonja krasean

"iheart" carmen adams

"valentine's kiss" nicole pero

"heart candy" michelle pixie

chris henning


  1. Thanks for all the great inspiration! I love my little man with kisses all over.

  2. congrat's fellow lens mama's! glad to see we're fueling each others' fires here.

  3. I love them all! Great photos!

  4. They are all great, but I LOVE the baby with all the lipstick kisses! What an adorable idea!


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