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{borrowed lens journey to wppi}

i'm sure you all remember our recent giveaway from borrowlenses.com. we received a huge response to the giveaway...and along with that response, i got quite a few emails asking more about borrowlenses.com, how the process of renting works and in general, people wanting to learn more about it. so, when borrowlenses.com asked me to do a little write up about renting a lens, i jumped at the chance. this is just what the tml readers were wanting!

there are soooo many great reasons to think about renting a lens. i, personally, do it all the time!!
you may want to rent a lens:
-to shoot a wedding
-to take on vacation
-to test out before you buy
-just for fun
-try a new product

i (shannon) just recently rented 2 lenses from borrowlenses.com and i'm soooo thankful i did. i was determined that the 50 1.2 was my "dream lens", but really had never shot with it. haha.
so, when the time came to buy a new lenses and spend those big bucks, i got a little nervous. so, i hopped on to borrowlenses.com and ordered the 50 1.2 and 85 1.2 and rented them both for a week. i "test drove" them, i guess you could say. i did shoots with them both, used same settings, and many other test. um, yeah, thank goodness i rented them before i made a $1500 mistake. long story short....i bought the 85! :)
btw---i am not saying that the 50 1.2 is a mistake by any means!!! (email me if you want to chat about this. haha)

sooooooo.....then came time to head to vegas for wppi. i then received the 35 1.2 from borrowlenses.com and thought that i would take it with me on my journey to wppi.

when you go to rent a lens it could not be any easier. all you do is head to the website, check out the lenses (camera bodies, flashes.....) that they offer, click on the lens you want, choose how long you want the lens and then check out. it's THAT simple. within a couple days your lens will arrive at your door. it's ready to use!!

inside the box, all packed snug and safe, will be information and a return shipping label. when your lens is due back, all you have to do is stick in back in the foam, tape up the box, stick on the return label and drop it off at your local fed ex. seriously, it does not get any easier. the hardest part is saying goodbye to the lens!! i may have dropped a tear on the 35 1.2 as it was leaving fed ex.

but, before i said goodbye to my rental lens, i did have some fun with it documenting a few moments of WPPI in vegas.

it was my first time attending WPPI and there was so much to take in and so much fun to be had! i knew it was going to be a great time when as soon as we went down to register, i look up and got to walk over and meet jose villa. seriously, the way i acted, you would have thought i was at the Oscars! so embarrassed for myself! haha.

i made my way over to the borrowlenses.com booth and said hi to josh and his team. so fun to meet up with people and put a face to the name.

there were so many amazing booths, vendors, speakers....and we just did the trade show!! next year i am looking forward getting my hands dirty with all the classes offered.

my most favorite purchase there was hands down my shootsac. i LOOOOVVVEEE it!!

again, total Oscar moment for me.....running into carrie sandoval and brittany woodall.

they were adorable, fun and nice as can be. they gave a fantastic talk about what they do, how they do it and answered so many questions. seriously, you don't get any better than them!
you two rock my socks...and your book is amazing!!!!

brianna graham also gave a fantastic talk about senior style...SO FUN!!!

and my last total Oscar moment comes with a bit of shame. haha. i happened to catch a glimpse of the one and only jasmine star heading up to the roof of whcc.....well, i couldn't go up there, so i just waited....er, okay...i totally stalked her!! haha. i have to say in just a few minutes time, her heart shines through. she could not have been any nicer and i'm sooooo happy i ran into her and had the chance to talk to her.

(thank you to jamie ray for grabbing these pictures for me and helping in the stalking process :) of course i run into j* the one and only time i didn't have my camera!)

there was sooo much more i would love to share about WPPI, but i don't want to be like crazy aunt martha and bore you with all my vacation photos!
but i do have share this one last one. i was thrilled at the chance to use my borrowlenses.com rental for a desert session in vegas. here is one shot from it and if you are interested in seeing more or reading about it, i have posted them on my thousand words photography blog.

again, a HUGE thank you to borrowlenses.com for
being such a great supporter of the maternal lens!!

we would love to hear if you have ever rented from them, are planning renting from them, have questions....or anything!!


  1. jen p.3/15/2010

    I'm so glad you got to go to vegas! I'm so jealous!!! I would have loved playing stalker girl with you. lol

  2. So jealous! Can't wait to go next year! :)

  3. Amanda K.3/15/2010

    I wanted to go to vegas this year, but it snuck up on me too fast. Looks like a great time. I never thought about renting a lens for vacation. I love my 35, too!

  4. OH, OH, OH! I actually did rent a lens from borrow lenses! I decided to do it when I didn't win your giveaway :(. It was awesome and I'm planning on doing it again this summer. SO jealous you got to go to vegas!

  5. I recently rented from borrowlenses.com and had a great experience as well. Super Customer Service. Thanks for sharing your WPPI photos with us!

  6. sounds amazing. thanks for sharing it with us. i felt like i was there too :)

  7. These images make me green with envy! Shannon you look so happy and vibrant in all these!

  8. Marilyn3/15/2010

    These are great pictures!! Thanks for sharing, Shannon! How fun you got to go to the Oscars LOL!

  9. I am so jealous. I'm so excited that you were able to attend. I am going next year... I vow now! :)
    Awesome post Shannon. xoxo

  10. Glazers, which is our main locally-owned camera store in Seattle, rents lenses and ALL things related to photography & lighting. It's such a priceless service! I know that I have personally never had to take out a business loan to pay for my equipment, because I will rent the lenses I want or need for a wedding, then buy the lens once I get paid in full for that wedding... this strategy has worked for several of my lenses. Anyway, I LOVE LOVE LOVE the 85mm f1.2, and I know you will too! One thing I will warn you about though, is that it takes a while to get used to how closely it crops, and I have found that to be very frustrating, especially when doing photo shoots of children. It's certainly not a lens conducive with much photojournalism, just mainly portraits. I use a 35mm f1.4 to kind of make up for that element of it. Other than that, you will fall in love with it, and probably like me, find a way to incorporate using it every chance you get!!! Have fun!

  11. i rent lenses all the time - such a great way to test them out! shannon you are adorable my friend!! xo

  12. I LOVE borrowlenses.com! They have a great business model and are executing it perfectly. Amazing customer care. I wish them load of success!

  13. Melanie Bishop3/15/2010

    I jumped on the bandwagon too after your giveaway. Borrowlenses.com was so easy to work with. I even wanted to extend my rental and the customer services for that was awesome. Thanks for letting me know about them.

    Your and your rental lens had such a fun journey! The session on your blog is gorgeous, Shannon!
    Thanks for sharing!

  14. Anonymous3/15/2010

    Awesome! Thanks for posting this. I'm glad you did!

  15. Thanks for the info Shannon. I have the 17-35 and wondered if I should've test drove it first. I have my 50 1.4 on my camera most of the time, but also wonder what the 85 mm would feel/look like. I will be following your blog--can't wait to see what you do with it. What do you think about the 24-70 zoom. I am still torn with using prime vs zoom. One expert said, buy prime and YOU move... Ha!!!! Thanks SOOO MUCH AGAIN!!!

  16. Anonymous3/16/2010

    I use them all the time. I'm fortunate that they're local for me. Thanks for sharing. I hope to make it next year.

  17. Shannon, it was SO nice meeting you!! I don't know how long you waited, but I'm so happy you did!! Your smiling face was one of the highlights of my day! You rock! :)


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