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St. Patrick's Day = good green fun!

One of my favorite (and few) memories from kindergarten was arriving to class to discover that "leprechauns" had visited our classroom on St. Patrick's Day eve. They left behind a glittery trail, which led us around the room to a pot of gold wrapped candy. I have to say, it is still one of my favorite childhood memories! It was so magical as a child, and now that I'm a mom, I see the fun that it was for our teachers.

Even if you aren't Irish, St. Patty's day (like many other under-recognized holidays) is a great opportunity to create great memories for your kids. Of course, if you are so inclined, you can also turn it into a history lesson by explaining the holiday's beginnings, which can be found HERE.

Magic and fun are easy to create with just some simple green food coloring! Last year, those tricky leprechauns turned our milk green during the night and took big bites out of the cupcakes we had made the day before, leaving a trail of green frosting footprints behind. They even opened up a bag of mini-marshmallows and used them spell out a message on the counter! We whipped up some green eggs to go with our green milk for breakfast, and later that day, we dined on Guinness pot roast.

It's not too late to make a memory! by you.

Leprechauns LOVE to play tricks, so pretty much any fun prank you can think of would work! You can search the web for ideas, but here's a few to get you started:

- turn your milk (or beer) green
- make green eggs using food coloring or pesto/chives or even do some hard boiled egg dying!
- start the day with green pancakes, green grapes, kiwi, honeydew melon...you get the idea...
- Lucky Charms cereal for breakfast or a snack has never been more appropriate
- serve pots of golden jello cubes, golden butternut squash soup or corn chowder
- cook up a yummy roast or stew with some Guinness
- dine on corned beef and cabbage
- make soda bread or shortbread
- leave a leprechaun trail for the kids to find on St. Patty's day morning using glitter, confetti or something from the kitchen
- leave gold coins or candy from the leprechauns throughout the house or at the end of a leprechaun trail or rainbow
- wear green and give those who aren't a friendly pinch!
- leprechauns love pranks, so stick shoes in the freezer, turn pictures upside down, leave cherry or grape "bombs" on the kitchen floor...
- set a trap the night before for the leprechauns (a cardboard box works great!)
- listen to Celtic music and watch Irish movies like (my dad's favorite) The Quiet Man
- lather up with some Irish Spring soap

I found some cute ideas and coloring pages on the Family Fun website. If you have any other fun ideas or traditions, be sure to leave us some comment love and share!

Hope those leprechauns aren't too naughty at your house tonight!


  1. Great tips for my favorite holiday and my birthday. Also don't forget the Lucky Charms cereal and Irish Spring soap, play some celtic music and watch movies such as The Quiet Man, Billy Elliott, The Commitments, and Angela's Ashes.

  2. Those are great ideas Colleen! I'll add them to the post. Thanks!

  3. My happy little kiddos will have green milk in the morning! Thanks!

  4. St Patricks day is a pretty big deal in our house. :) Kids get to stay home from school and hang out with the parents and The Ancient Order of Hibernians in Dogtown, the Irish neighborhood in St Louis. We watch the parade, eat yummy Irish food and celebrate our heritage. Tomorrow we will do that and then head to the zoo for some fun and home to more corn beef, cabbage and colcannon. Erin go Bragh!

  5. happy st patty's day!

  6. Last year we added green food coloring to our spaghetti while it was being cooked. Not exactly traditional but still green. ;) I also tried adding green food coloring to the butter on the garlic bread but it just looked moldy after it was cooked. ;)


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