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friday's fun finds

we are starting a new segment called 'friday's fun finds'. once a week we will be showing one fun item we have found and want to share. they may be photography related, my be mommy related...they may be just strictly for fun!! hope you enjoy these!!!

today we have these super cool photoshop magnets from photojojo. aren't they great?!
a must have for every photographer as far as i'm concerned! :)

what a great present these would make!!


  1. OMG I love these!! haha My hubby is a graphic designer and me, a photog. These are a must have for our fridge :).

  2. What a great thing! I LOVE these!! I like the new friday finds. Great idea!

  3. lol, those are hysterical!

  4. Sarah k3/26/2010

    Those are great! Totally unique idea :)

  5. haha, so cool, love those!


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