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{friday fun finds, winners and photos...oh my!!}

i'm squeezing it all in to one post, please forgive me!!!

first off...it's friday's fun finds! this one actually came from my mom. she bought these for me and my husband. and we love them! they are called
hakuba media card cases

they are sooo cool. they come in fun colors, they are slim and can slide into any bag or even your pocket. each one holds up to 4 cards.

and it's handy just to flip them around when the card is full. that way you don't get anything mixed up :)

fun, huh?! affordable, practical...now go get yourself one...or 5 :)

and now the friday photo of the day. this photo is so simple, but says so much. i just love it.
it's called 'hold' by pretty life photography

and last, but certainly not least. the winner of the sassy designs giveaway goes to.....

barbara of photography by barbara!!!



  1. ooh i must get one of those cases.

  2. Ooh I want one of those cases!! Seems a bit silly to order such a small shipment to South Africa though

  3. love the cases. thanks for the tip! (would look so much nicer than the ziplock baggies eh?!!)


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