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Happy Mother's Day! {and a photojournalistic birth story!}

I believe it was Gandhi that said that "your life is a message to your children." We at TML just wanted to drop a quick note to say, that we know that being a mother is the coolest, hardest, sweetest, most rewarding, least rewarding, humbling, liberating, terrifying, joyful, nothing like you expected, bewildering, heartwarming, heartbreaking, most intense ride on the planet.

So, to all the moms out there, keep going. Keep loving. Keep on kissing, keep wiping, praying, hugging, shushing, rocking, keep singing.

And, I also thought what better time than now to introduce the newest member of our very own Megan's family: Miss Lucy. Click the icon below to view her journey Earthside just a couple of short weeks ago. What an honor it was to be present to photograph this beautiful birth. So, to Megan, and my other sisters here at TML, a very special Mother's Day wish to you.

(to view Megan's personal birth story, go HERE)




  1. always amazing to be witness to the beauty and miracle of a woman becoming a mom for the first time or several times. it never gets old! beautiful images sarah. happy mother's day!! xo

  2. What a beautiful story.
    Being a mommy is the greatest thing in the world. And sometimes the most difficult. <3

  3. So beautiful...and a beautiful thing to see on Mother's Day. I wish I'd had my most recent birth photographed, but alas, my new tiny had plans to arrive well before the photographer, and even the midwives, arrived. Next time!

  4. breath taking!
    especially to those of us who have gone through this!
    happy mother's day!

  5. One of the most beautiful things I have ever seen! Thanks so much for sharing.

  6. Aww...happy tears. What a beautiful event to be able to capture! Congrats and welcome to the world little Lucy!

  7. What a treasure! I wish I had something like this from my babies. Great song too!


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