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{low down, throw down with Simply Rosie Photography}

Happy Thursday folks! I'm so excited that Shannon is letting me post the {low down, throw down} today because it's a good one! Rosie of Simply Rosie Photography is an amazing artist. Her photos are super dreamy and luscious! Enjoy!

rosie1 by you.

Name: Rosie
Business name: Simply Rosie Photography
Location: the prairies of Manitoba, Canada
Website/blog: www.simplyrosie.ca/journal

maternallens10 by you.

Tell us one sentence to describe your photography:
I recently asked my fans to describe my work, the most used adjectives were; whimsical, dreamy, timeless, fresh, joyful and peaceful.

What's one thing that everyone should know about you?
I'm not a snob, just shy ;).

maternallens2 by you.

How long have you been doing photography and how did you get started?
I've loved photography for a long time. Hubby handed me his slr 9 years ago after we got married, I've been hooked since. Been in business for 3 years now.

If they made a movie about your life what would it be titled and who would play you?
Cheaper by the Dozen. LOL, no really I come from a family of 12! Drew Barrymore just cause I like her as an actress.

maternallens6 by you.

If you could own one exotic animal as a pet what would it be why and what would you name it?
A parrot cause I spent my earlier part of childhood in Costa Rica and we had a few and they talked to us :). I'd name it Ert (inside joke with my sisters)

What is your greatest post processing tip that you are will to share?
Just because you own a digital camera and have Photoshop doesn't mean you need to process the heck out of a picture. The key is to start with a great photo and enhance it if needed. Don't use Photoshop to "fix" a bad picture.

maternallens14 by you.

If you were given $500 today what would be the first thing you would do?
Get a new wardrobe and at least 5 new pairs of shoes! Haha, yes I love to shop!

What have you found to be the best resources and/or method of advertising?
Hands down, word of mouth!

maternallens9 by you.

What type of sessions are your favorite (children e-sessions weddings newborns....) and why?
Children at play. Where I can just shadow a child. Why? Because I'm quiet and don't like giving instructions, children are natural and need no posing ;) They except me for who I am and don't question my ideas.

What equipment do you use and if you had only one lens to use...what would it be?
I've been using a Canon 5D for a number of years, love love it! Recently through my husband's convincing we got a 1Ds Mark 3. Still trying to get used to it. The 5D is a part of me, give me some time ;). The lens that is on my camera the most would be my 50mm f1.4.

maternallens1 by you.

What has been your most memorable session and why?
On the beach in Maui! It was magical, dreamy lighting and crashing waves with my barefeet in the sand!

What was your first paid session like? Were you nervous? Did it turn out how you wanted?
Yes, I was extremely nervous! It was an engagement session for my hairstylist. I loved the result and so did they!

maternallens13 by you.

What moment in your life makes you smile every single time you think about it?
Rollerblading with Mark when we were only 18 and fresh out of high school. He bought me my first raspberry mocha frappuccino and we sat on the beach in Edmonds, WA watching the ferries come and go. A part of me fell in love with him that day, not realizing it. It was a mutual feeling, 4 years later we started dating, 2 years after that married and now live happily ever after.. Hehe ;)

What is at the top of your wish list right now?
35mm f1.4 lens

maternallens7 by you.

What is the first photographer that comes to your mind and why?
Oh wow, just one? Tara Whitney is a huge inspiration for life style photography! Jinky Art is amazing for her fresh, clean and fun children's photography. And of course Red Leaf Studios! They were one of my first contacts on flickr years ago and every one of their sessions wows me.

What's the best meal you cook?
I dislike cooking BUT I do make mean garlic mashed potatoes! Oh and everyone raves about my homemade ceasar dressing.

maternallens11 by you.

What are your favortie actions or presets?
Red Leaf Actions and Bohemian Secret for my b&w's.

If you had an entire Saturday to do whatever you wanted...what would you do?
Sleep in, go for a run, shower, sip coffee while checking my emails and reading blogs. Then go shopping! Ending the evening snuggling with my hubby on the couch as we watch a movie.

If we surprised you at your house today what would be the first thing we would notice?
I have barely any pictures up on my walls ... Yet.

maternallens15 by you.

What photography based organizations do you belong to?
None besides a few online forums.

And lastly.....when we started the maternal lens all of us filled out this questionnaire and shared our answers....now it's your turn :)

What is your favorite word? "please mama?" esp coming out of my 2 yo's mouth ;)
What is your least favorite word? any swear word, especially when people use the Lord's name to swear. I cringe.
What turns you on creatively spiritually or emotionally? silence, light, fields, open spaces, and singing.
What turns you off creatively spiritually or emotionally? crowds, noise, cramped spots and ugly clothes.
What sound or noise do you love? galloping hooves (esp. if they are under me)
What sound or noise do you hate? slamming doors
What is your favorite thing to say when you get mad? ERRRRRRRRR
What profession other than your own would you like to attempt? anything involving horses, at one point I wanted to be a forest ranger or married to a cowboy with a huge ranch. ha!
What profession would you not like to do? accounting or flight attendant.
If Heaven exists what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the Pearly Gates?
"well done, good and faithful servant."


  1. So fun getting to know you Rosie!

  2. What awesome work! She sounds like a really neat lady, too.

  3. I loved reading this Rosie! I've loved her photography for a while now, and I'm so glad to see her on here! :)

  4. love the interview and i've just found a fabulous photog to follow! love the images!

  5. Beautiful work. Wonderful artist. :)

  6. awesome! rosie is one of my favorite! <3

  7. Oh MY GOODNESS you sound JUST like me!! We should be twins! LOL


  9. Anonymous5/19/2010

    beautiful :)

  10. yay! Rosie is awesome... good choice featuring her :)


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