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Mentoring Giveaway with Jessica Feely Photography

Jessica from Jessica Feely Photography has decided to do a great mentoring giveaway to one lucky TML reader! She has wanted to pay it forward for those who have helped her get started in the photography business…

Here is what Jessica has to say:

I think this is a great opportunity for someone who wants to learn more about how to use their camera, do some basic editing, shoot in raw, learn about resources, posing your subject, finding the light and more! The session also includes 3-4 hours of discussion of all of the above plus any questions you have for me. If you are able to make it out here for an ‘in person session’, we will have a model shoot where you can observe me and see how I approach and direct the subject(s). You will have a chance to ask questions at anytime during the shoot as well. Afterwards we can do a quick edit of some pictures and a rundown of post processing. Am I making it more tempting to come out to Seattle now? :)

The Guidelines:

1. Session must take place before September 30th, 2010 on a Friday or Saturday.

2. Session must take place in Seattle, Washington. (All you awesome out of state people, the session will take place via phone and internet unless you can make it out here!) Locals welcome.

3. To enter, please leave your name, email and portfolio link and why you think you should be considered for the mentoring session in the comment section.

4. Deadline to enter is July 1st, 2010 at midnight.

5. Three people will be chosen as finalists. The finalists will then be posted and anyone will be able to vote on who they think should win the mentoring session! Feel free to send friends and family to vote for you if you are a finalist!

Good luck! *Jessica*


  1. Lisa Scherer of Lisa Kelly Photo

    Wow! What an opportunity and thank you Jessica for being so generous with your time. I started my photography business 2 years ago and it has been great but I always feel like I have so much more to learn. I would love to learn from Jessica, a person who has mastered her craft. Just to have some of those questions that I feel might be "silly" answered and without judgement would be amazing. I would love to ask so "what if" or "how would you handle" questions too.
    Thank you for the opportunity.

  2. name: Aubrey Jeppson
    email: Aubrey@framebyframeportraits.com
    portfolio link: http://www.framebyframeportraits.com/portfolio/
    why: I see all of these BEAUTIFUL photos that others have taken, and i just want to learn all that they know! How the colors are so vivid, how they choose their locations, poses, etc. I just have SO much to learn!
    Thanks for considering teaching us.

  3. name: Jennie Good
    email: jennie@jenniegoodphotographs.com
    portfolio link: www.jenniegoodphotographs.com
    why?: wow, i think there are a MILLION reasons why!! Jessica's work is simply beautiful, to learn from someone with such talent would be an honor in itself! I would love to know how she chooses her poses and locations and angles, what her favorite portraits are and why, and so much more! Thank you, everyone, who put work into this contest!

  4. name: Kimberly Minyard
    email: perfectlyimperfectphotos@gmail.com
    portfoliolink: perfectlyimperfectphotos.com

    Why? The main reason... I want it. (imagine a 2 year old on the ground kicking and screaming.) I am a full believer in the pay it foward belief. I would love the chance to learn hands on from such an awesome photographer. (I learn better hands on!) This would be an awesome chance to get some great help from a super photographer. I would love a this chance, as I am sure everyone who enters would be.

  5. Name: Melissa Bitting
    Email: bittohunnyphotography@gmail.com
    weblink: www.bittohunnyphotography.com
    Why: WOW why... I have such a passion for photography, I would love to take it to the next level. Posing,exposer ect. Im new to digital photography, cannot believe the difference from film photography.

  6. Name: Tyra Andrews
    email: momentsbytyra@gmail.com
    portfolio link: www.momentsbytyra.com
    why: Well, first off I need any excuse possible to return to Seattle ( I grew up in Puyallup) I started my business 2 years ago. I taught myself everything, and I would really like the opportunity to have some hands on, and educational experiences with someone as talented as Jessica! My husband lost his job last year and has gone back to school, we have 4 small children and I am our family's only source of income right now. I feel like I am in a rutt, I need some inspiration and motivation...This mentoring session is just what the Dr ordered!

  7. Name: Carla Glover
    email: gloverbaby@gmail.com
    portfolio link/ website: www.gloverbaby-photography.com

    I just think this is really awesome of you to give people the opportunity to learn more and learn how to master photography. Jessica I think your work is amazing and I just think it is great of you to do this. I have been in business for about 3 months. I am a stay at home mom and would love to learn the things I have been searching for ALL over the internet, but always can't find. Also I have many photography friends, but how they do things is their secret that they don't share to others in the same business. I have read books, but I am more of a hands on/ active learner. So I definitely need one on one or close to it. I also think there is just so much I could learn from you. I would love the opportunity to travel there and learn from you- my husband said we can make it a vacation/ road trip.

  8. Name: Nallely Ortega Prater
    email: nallely.john@gmail.com
    blog: www.nopphotography.blogspot.com

    What an amazing opportunity! I've been following you on facebook for a while and love your work! I think I should be chosen because I have such a strong desire to learn and grow as a photographer. I moved to the United States from Mexico when I was 10 years old and as I grew up I realized that most of the memories I had of Mexico where ones that had been
    documented with pictures! So, since my senior year in high school I've been interested in capturing those special moments in our lives, not only the big events like weddings, births, engagements, but the little everyday things that make our lives special. I'm currently a full time student preparing to be a Spanish teacher, I have a beautiful baby boy that inspires me everyday to take better pictures and an awesome motivating husband that believes in me. I need this opportunity because even though I have great desire to do photography on the side, I have not taken the plunge. This opportunity would be a great mentoring session for me from an awesome photographer that will inspire me and push me to the next level.

  9. Name: Jamie Bard-Dube
    Email: beuniquebephotography@gmail.com
    Link: http://everafter-images.blogspot.com/

    Ok, so now why... because I want it! I've been working around the clock this past year, doing my regular day to day job, then I've been so busy trying to set up my photography business so that by next march, Photography will be my only source of income. I've sacrifice a lot (time missed with children, husband) so I can make my dream come true. Time to learn and develop my brand has been put on the side burner until I can find a few minutes to work on it! But I would surely find time for this mentoring! I love Jessica Feely, I just saw the first photo and automatically knew it was her! Thank you for the Opportunity!

  10. name: Cristal Sawatzky
    email: level6images@shaw.ca
    portfolio link: www.level6images.com
    why: Other than the obvious..that Jessica rocks!!! I am a self taught photographer that is supporting my family through being a creative. I am so blessed to have the most amazing clients and I would love to learn new techniques and continue to grow as a photographer to bring more to them each time they come to me to capture their next journey in life. It's completely amazing that Jessica wants to give back...xo Thank you so much for this opportunity.

  11. becky potier

    i would love love love a chance to win a mentoring session!! i've been wanting to find one for a while now, but with three toddlers its hard to make time and find extra money for something like that. i've been working on trying to get a photography business going for a little over two years now with not much success and it's a little discouraging at times.i would love to learn more about how to interact better with clients and learn about posing and lighting. i love jessica's style and would love to learn from her! oh and i live near seattle =)

  12. name: Nikki McLennan
    email: nikki_mclennan@yahoo.com
    portfolio: www.photographyinthelimelight.blogspot.com

    why: Photography has been my passion since before i picked up a camera. I love art, and i love expressing myself through my art. I have taken a few photography classes at college, but just didnt feel like i was getting anything out of it because i wasnt able to spend one on one time with someone who knew their camera inside and out. so i decided to just teach myself through experimentation. and i have been looking for someone who would help me fine tune my photography as i know i have TONS to learn. and p.s. - pacific northwest is my favorite place in the world! i'm from portland! :) i would love this opportunity! thank you so much for offering it to so many people who want to learn!!

  13. Name: Heidi Lawson
    Email: wishfulthinkingphotography@gmail.com
    portfolio: www.wishfulthinkingphotography.com
    AND I'm LOCAL Woo Hoo!

    How do you convey in words ... that others then judge and vote on ... a desire that is just wanting to burst out of you? Wishing someone finds your thoughts to be of enough value to stop and consider?

    As my business name so plainly states, I have been WISHFULLY THINKING my way through this photography journey. It is challenging being self-taught ~ having to grab on and hold tight to every tip and hint and critique anyone has been willing to let go, always feeling like there is that "something" that you are still missing, but just not knowing where to turn to figure it out!

    I AM proud of where I am right now. But I also have that little ache when I see the work of others and KNOW I have it in me to be better if I could just figure out a few of those "secrets" that I feel like others must know that I just haven't stumbled on to yet! And so I'll keep reading and searching and experimenting with my camera (my poor 4 children ... they run when I say, "just let me try this one thing ..."), spending late nights pushing my editing as I try new things, reaching further and trying harder.

    And if {cross my fingers} I win ... I'll make ya proud to be called my mentor.

  14. Lacie Lacy
    portfolio: www.catchingmemoriesphoto.com

    I am self taught. And feel that I need someone to teach me more! :-) I love the feeling I get from making others happy. I want my photography to have something extra special. Something I see in your photography. Emotion!Sharpness!Creativity! I want that too! Eventually I would like to photograph with organizations like Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep, and do some type of non-profit work for cancer patients/medical issues. Families that can't afford family portraits. This would be a fantastic opportunity and I would feel so blessed if I were chosen. Thank you for doing this giveaway.

  15. Marcene Perry
    email: marceneperry@gmail.com
    link: http://www.marceneperry.com
    Why me: I got into photography a few years ago. It's mostly been a hobby of taking pictures of my kids... which I love! Whenever someone wants me to take their pictures, I get a thrill out of it. So I started my business, but it seems like I just can't get things off the ground. I don't know if it's my style, my pricing, my personality. Maybe I'm missing something that everyone else knows, but I'm just not in the loop! I haven't had anyone who has seriously helped me with any of this. A few photographers have helped with the camera basics when I was just learning, but now that I want to do a business I want to get some serious feedback, and critique. Thanks for doing this giveaway, for whoever wins, it will be fantastic!

  16. Tamsen Donker
    link: http://creativeclicksphotography.com

    Why me: I am in love, love, love with photography and all it encompasses. I see, feel, think, breathe photography in my daily life and nothing makes me happier than a beautiful image or a client who is moved by their images. However, I am a SAHM with two little ones and a third on the way. While my dream has come true (being able to stay home with them and fulfill my creative outlet through photography), it does make things very tight money wise and also time wise! I have learned so much thanks to a few community college courses, forums, google and fellow photogs, but I would JUST LOVE the opportunity to learn first hand from an experienced photog who is willing to share their knowledge with me. Thanks you SO much for this wonderful opportunity!

  17. Jennifer Puckett

    I would LOVE to win this giveaway because I'm in desperate need of it! I truly love phtoography, so I started a business at the end of November 2009. I work full-time already so photography has to be part time until I can have a great client base and profits. Anyway, finding time to do photography is very challenging and I feel I have SO MUCH to learn. If I won this I could get so much information to help me in my business and give me more time with my husband and two boys (2yrs and 10.5 months). I don't want to miss out on a single second of their "growing up" because I was so busy trying to figure out how to edit a certain way, pose this or that, etc. Since I just started I need as much information as possible! Thanks for doing the giveaway! But, PICK ME! lol.

  18. Sarah Jackson6/29/2010

    Sarah Jackson
    I don't have a portfolio link but I am just getting started with learning all I can about photography. I am still learning all I can about the camera I received as a gift from my husband. I have so much more to learn though. I learn the best from watching other people and I would greatly appreciate an opportunity to learn from someone who has experience and a natural eye for photography. I love being able to capture such beautiful moments and I want to learn how to do that better. This is something I want to pursue and over time develop. I really do appreciate your style of photography.

  19. Beth Simmons

    What an awesome opportunity this will be for one lucky person! I would so love some one on one time with you. Your work is amazing and I love your style. I just started my business in Feb. of this year so I'm still very new. I mostly shoot newborns and children. I have turned down some wedding work because I don't feel ready. Time with you would really help give me some much needed skill and knowledge to advance my business. Thanks for even considering such a gift.

  20. This comment has been removed by the author.

  21. name: Heather Wolff
    email: mybluegrassbaby@gmail.com
    portfolio link: mybluegrassbabyphoto.com
    why?: Because I have a desire{s}. A desire to learn more. A desire to share what I know. A desire to expand my business. A desire to have ESTATIC customers. A desire to change my life. A desire to make memories. A desire to stay home with my boys and have playdates and craft time and build tents. A desire to be able to give back. Thank you for your amazing generosity, it is hard to come by in this business!

  22. Name: Jenn Grissom
    Email: grissomportraits@yahoo.com
    Portfolio: portfoliogrissomportraits.blogspot.com
    Why: I am a SAHM who is looking to help lighten the load of her very hard working hubby! This has always been my "dream" and he is the one who sold some of his collectors items to get me started. I wanna say "thanks, babe"!

  23. Shelby Wright
    I started this journey I am on as a photographer just 7 months ago and cannot believe how far I have already come! I love nothing more than hearing how happy my clients are after they see their finished images. Capturing their special moments is what I live for!
    I know that I have come a long way, but know that I also have a long way to go. This AMAZING opportunity with such a talented photographer could be life and career changing for me! Thank you so much for this very generous opportunity! <3

  24. Denise Trigo

    I have been interested in photography since I was thirteen years old. Over the years the passion was always there but other things got in the way of really taking that passion to the next level...i.e. career, family, etc. After my first son was born I decided that, if nothing else, I would get to the next level to take his portraits. After a year people started asking me where I went to get my portraits done and when they found out it was me they began to offer services for images done of their family.

    I am currently in year 2 of a 5 year plan. The first five years is to enhance my skills (including certification), find my style, and to build my client base. The next 5 years (which will coincide with my youngest going to kindergarten) will be to get the business really going. Then it will be retail. Anyway, this would be an awesome opportunity to really learn from a pro. I love her style and would love the opportunity to understand how she chose her style and learn everything I need to know. I am a photography sponge right now and am taking in anything I can!!! Thank you!!!!

  25. Teresa Henrie
    TeresaHenrie @ Gmail.com

    I started my photography business about a year and a half ago. And, I just recently have jumped into weddings...I have my first in two weeks! I feel like I have finally defined my style and I know where I want to go from here. I would love to learn and pick the brain of a talented pro, like yourself. Thanks!!

  26. Essence Of The Soul Photography
    Nicole Darling
    Email: Essenceofthesoul@mac.com
    Link: http://www.essenceofthesoulphotography.com

    What a great opportunity, and great way to give back to the community. Like a lot of other photographers above have mentioned, I am self-taught. I did pay another photographer to teach me for 3 hours, and learned a lot. I have had my company for 3 years, and really would like to grow, not only as a photographer, but as an individual. I get a lot back from working with children.

    I want to be a mentor that everyone will look at my work and go WOW, I want to be like her. Photographing children is my passion, but I want to break out of my mold and start getting into couples and weddings. I have shot one wedding and have done two engagement sessions and love them. I LOVE, LOVE, and I want people to be able to look back at their pictures and be like wow, look how in love we are. With your help, I would be able to give back to couples as well by learning how to work with them, pose them, connect with them like I am able to with Children.

  27. Theresa Fanene
    I started my photography business about eight months ago, & really want to learn more. I am still searching for my own style, but want to be a sponge & soak up as much info as I can. I would love to learn from a pro, someday I hope to shoot weddings, I hope someday comes soon!! Thank you!!!

  28. Lindsey Collins

    Why? Because I think your work is incredible! I am self taught, and know pretty much everything about my camera. Now posing, business, and marketing, those are the things I am not so great with! I want to make this my full time job, and would love some mentoring help. Plus, my mom lives in Seattle, so I would have a sitter for my two year old, can't beat that! This is an incredible opportunity! Thanks!

  29. Danielle Andrus
    Wow! What AMAZING work Jessica does! Her photos are fantabulous! I have been doing this photography thing for a little over a year. I feel like I have come far in a year, but now I need an extra push from someone besides myself. I have been a stay at home Mom for the past 10 years...my youngest is going to start Kindergarten and I feel like I am finally going to be able to help contribute to my family income. My husband has done all he can to make sure I can stay home with my kids-besides his full time job he has three others. Now it's my turn to give back to him. My sister lives in Seattle and this would be the perfect excuse to go...seeing as I have still not met my three year old nephew...I could justify it all as one big trip. Photography f lessons from an amazing photographer + the chance to practice it all on my nephew= a dream come true! Thanks so much!

  30. Kelli Collins

    Whe me: I can't think of any reason taht should put me ahead of these awesome other photographers. I just know that I absolutely would be honored to have a mentoring session with you. I am desperately trying to grow my business and mentoring is something I strong;y need, but something I have yet to be able to fit into the budget this year! I am a single Mom that is raising the most amazing toddler and I love staying home with him to pursue my photography business.

    I pray that IF I am the right person for this...that you will pick me! Thanks for this opportunity!

  31. name: Erin Drago
    e-mail: drago712@gmail.com
    portfolio/blog: http://erindragophotography.wordpress.com/

    Why me?: I don't often participate in give-a-ways, but I felt like this one was made for me. I LOVE photography, but have reached a point where I feel like I need to move forward. The only problem is, I don't know where to go or what questions to ask. I think this would be such an awesome opportunity, which is why I'm giving it a shot!!

    ooooo...oooo...pick me! pick me! *hand stretched as high as possible in the air*

    Thanks so much for doing this!!:)

  32. Kristi Whitman

    Why me? In a nutshell... because I really need the help! But more than that, because I will truly and sincerely appreciate the guidance. Your wisdom will not be lost on me. I am self taught and have been searching for a mentor. I approached some professional photographers in my area and offered to volunteer to assist them with shoots in order to observe their technique and learn more. I even offered to exchange web/graphic services in exchange for mentoring, as I am employed as a web designer. Unfortunately I was told that they were not willing to train a potential competitor. :( I am resourceful, but there are so many questions I have that I need to talk to a real person about (not an Internet search engine). As part of a young couple with a first home and on a serious budget, I have not been able to attend a workshop or pay for a private mentoring session so far. I consider myself a lifelong learner, and I feel so fortunate that I discovered photography because it's become my biggest passion. I honestly have fallen in love with it. I am constantly inspired by and in awe of all the wonderful photographers out there and the images they create. I embrace every opportunity to learn more about my favorite hobby and make new friends who share my interest, so that's why I hope that I am picked. And thank you so much for giving me the chance. :)

  33. Name: Jill Velicer
    email: jill@jillvelicer.com
    blog: http://www.jillvelicer.com/blog/
    (portfolio building, so I don't have my website done yet)
    Why: because I really have a passion for photography - capturing moments and memories in time that are so fleeting. This is such an amazing gift she is giving someone. God bless her.

  34. Christy Ruth
    Why? Other than the fact that it would be an honor to learn from someone which such a special talent? I would have to say that it is because I am ready to take my photography to a new level. I feel like I have come so far in less than 2 years, but I know that I still have far to go. I just have so many questions! Wow, what a great opportunity!

  35. Name: Rachel Havel
    email: tandrhavel@gmail.com
    portfolio: www.wix.com/cestjoliphotography/portfolio
    Why: Well, i live, breathe, drink photography. I am self taught and started almost 2 years ago. I feel blessed to have a natural eye for what I do, but am constantly scouring the web for tips and ways to grow and learn more about the camera, the art, and the business. This isn't a hobby for me, this is something I absolutely love, love, love, and I want to use it to better my family. It is so amazing to see a free give-away like this. Not many people have the heart to do such a thing. So a big thanks to Jessica!

  36. Pamela Milogradov
    I don't have a link to a portfolio because I don't have one online, however, I can send some pictures that I have taken if interested.

    Why I would like to win? Because I would like to start my own business and I think having a professional give me some advice and a little boost of confidence would be awesome! I have been going back and forth about starting my business and I think having someone give me some guidance may help me get going in the right direction, plus how fun it would be to talk to someone who does what I want to do?!

  37. Jen Jenks
    I'm just getting started. I have purchased a domain, but I am just starting to get things on line, but if you want to look at some of my photos go to http://www.flickr.com/photos/jenjenks/

    Now for the why. I have always loved taking pictures. When I just had my little 35mm film camera, I filled boxes with pictures of my children, now that I know better, they look awful. Then about two years ago, my husband suprised me with DSLR for Christmas. I just couldn't leave it on auto and be satisfied. I have blogstalked and searched for more information to improve. But to think about starting my own business has been intimidating. I'm not there yet, to feel confident that my pictures are worth charging money. As of yet, I have only taken pictures for family and friends. And before I leap out there, I want to make sure that I am prepared; that I am qualified to do what I say I'm going to do. I could REALLY, REALLY use some guidance. PLUS, I live in Washington and could make the trek to Seattle!

  38. Lindsey Goddard
    Lindsey A. Goddard Photography

    What a great opportunity! After moving to Calgary, AB Canada from a tiny town south of Buffalo, NY, I decided it was time for a career change. I had lots of free time on my hands because I wasn't yet a legal resident so photography was a way to pass the time but I have truly fallen in love with it and hope to keep growing my newly founded business. I've only been doing photography professionally for about 6 months and know I have so much more to learn! I read every book I can get my hands on (that fits in my budget of course!) and practice new techniques when I get a chance and I constantly watch the blogs of my favorite photographers, but I know there are lots of things I could learn from someone more seasoned than I am. I would especially like to learn more about shooting in RAW and any editing tips - especially workflow.

    Thank you so much for the opportunity & I'll keep my fingers crossed!

  39. Elaine Turso Photography

    Why: I started my own business called Scrappin It For You about 9 years ago. It was a side business making scrapbooks for others. My husband is the one who encouraged me to start with photography. I loved taking pictures, and never dreamed that I would be good enough to actually make any money at it. So, we went out and bought our first DSLR and quickly upgraded to the next best thing after realizing that I needed a better camera to really take this business seriously. I have been building my portfolio over the last year and have really learned alot so far, but I have a strong desire to learn more. I want to get more comfortable with shooting in manual, shooting in RAW and more about post processing. I currently have a studio set up in my home but REALLY have a strong interest in moving to my own storefront studio. I want to be the best photographer I can not only for myself, but for my clients. I want them to feel that I am worth every penny they pay (and right now, I am priced way too low - after just reading your "Pricing" article.) I want to make this my career, not just a side hobby. Seattle is just a ferry ride away for me ;) Thanks so much for offering such an amazing service. Your work is amazing and inspirational.

  40. Sage Brousseau Photography

    I think I can, I think I can, I think I can. I'm struggling to get out of the gate, but I know I can do it. So many other brilliant, amazing, smart women are out there doing it RIGHT NOW! I just need a little help and a little push. Thank you so much for this gift!

  41. Kristen Mintz Photography

    Normally, I'd direct you to my website at www.kristenmintz.com, but it only works if you right click and press "play". (see? I really need help here! hee hee)

    I'm a teacher as my "real" job, which also makes me a lover of learning. I am self taught when it comes to photography, and I love it tremendously. I am so grateful to have an opportunity to learn from Jessica- someone who produces amazing photos!

    I'm a hard worker, but I need someone to help me get pointed in the right direction. I'd also be happy to send Starbucks and home baked cookies.... ;)

  42. This comment has been removed by the author.

  43. Paper Heart Photography

    OMG... Jessica is such an amazing photographer... I love how all of her photographs do not looked posed and she just captures the essence of whomever she is photographing.. I admire her photography. I would love the chance to win this mentoring session.. I recently jumped into building a photography business, I am self taught and still feel like I have so much to learn. I am a mommy to 3 and also work full time out of the home I would so love the oppourtunity to learn from Jessica's experience because I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to make photography my full time job!

    Thanks so much for this GREAT opportunity!

  44. Nataly Harris Photography
    www.markandnataly.blogspot.com (until my biz site is ready)

    Like many of you, I am a SAHM with a dream to turn my hobby into my profession. So I read, I absorb, I apply. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. So I try again and again. I want to perfect my technique. I want to make my images command attention and possess emotion. I know that's a lot to ask for, and I don't have too much free time, but as my husband says, "Learn from the best." I admire Jessica's work and I hope I can take it to the next level with her coaching.

  45. Jessica Hills Photography

    I look at a LOT of photography blogs, and try to learn what I can from them. Jessica Feely does the exact kind of style that I aspire to do. I love her work and love that she is always open to sharing her secrets with other photographers. I would love to learn from her!! And, my family lives in Seattle so it would give me another excuse to come see them!

    In all seriousness though, I have been struggling greatly with the business aspect of photography and could really use some help getting off the ground. I would love to have someone as successful as Jessica to help me figure out what I need to do to really take that step.

    Thank you so much for the chance!

  46. Kristi Simmons

    I would love to win this because Jessica's work blows my mind. What an awesome opportunity for someone. I have so much to learn, and would love to have some cc. Even if I don't win, I just want to say thanks for doing this for someone, you ROCK! :)

  47. Wow! All your entries are so amazing, and I love reading each and every one of them! The contest is still going on until July 1st at Midnight, so keep them coming!! :) Anyone can enter! :) <3

  48. Andrea Lopez

    Photography completes me. It truly does.

    I always knew I loved taking pictures, but didn't realize how much until a little over a year ago. It's my outlet. My passion.

    I recently (within' the last two months) started my photography business. So far it's going great, but I don't yet feel comfortable guiding my clients. I know that my business and confidence would be boosted so much by a mentoring session with Jessica. I can see in her photos that her clients are comfortable with her. It shows in their smiles and their body language. I want that...my business needs that.

    I don't think there is another person out there that wants this as much as I, nor will you find someone more willing to learn than me.

    Thank you Jessica for this amazing giveaway. I hope that someday I'll be able to "pay-it-forward" as you are. You and your work are inspiring!

  49. Nicole Hoines

    I would love to continue learning and improving my photography skills. Ever since photographing my nephew when he was born a year and a half ago, I've thought I wanted to do children's and newborn photography. I'm a SAHM, for now, but hope that someday I can be good enough to turn my passion into a business. I have a friend who has been so great and is so willing to help me out, even though she is a photographer (and an excellent one, at that) herself. This mentoring session would be so nice to win and it's so great of Jessica for doing this. Thanks!

  50. Allyson Causey

    Why: Oh my where to start! How huge it is for you to give your time and talent, Thank you.

    I started my business almost 1 year ago. With all the DSLR cameras out there most anyone can be a photographer but I want to have the knowledge and skill behind the creative ability that will set me apart from the rest. There is much about light that I wish to learn. It is what captivates me the most when photographing people. How the simplest light can add so much drama and emotion to one photograph. Oh how I want to learn more! I see it and feel it but just need the education to capture it! I would love to be apart of your mentoring session and come along side you and learn.

  51. Kristin Fooshee

    Well, what can i say? I have been searching and hoping for an opportunity like this for a long time. I have hit a wall somehow and i need answers to questions that i don't want to feel silly asking.....answers to questions i may have somehow missed along the way but now i feel as if i know too much to ask. Simple tweaks here and there which will make a huge difference....:)
    Editing questions, posing, lens questions, the list goes on......PLEASE consider me for this opportunity. Your work is proof that you have mastered some of the very things that allude me....information which is not always easy to find online and that needs to be observed from someone who knows the secrets and is willing to share them.

  52. Name: Kimberly Smith
    Email: kimberly_smith712@yahoo.com
    Portfolio: http://www.flickr.com/photos/8375534@N04/
    Why: I just started a business and I want to make it the best it can possibly be! My husband works full time right now, and I want so bad for him to be able to spend more time with our kids, so our goal is to save enough money from my business so he can quit his job and work from home.

  53. I would love the opportunity to be mentored without feeling like I am taking someones valuable time frome them unsolicited. I am just starting to try to go into business and have so many things I still need to learn and I am in Las Vegas where there are a lot of photographers. I want to not feel guilty for charging for my time and work, I really need help in PP my work. I do very simple edits right now. Your work is fantastic and I know I would be a sponge to everything you are telling me.
    My email is naenay2@yahoo.com
    My website I have just built is
    I have more on my flickr page but that should give you a good basis for where I am at! I would be so thrilled for the opportunity!

  54. Josie Hamper

    Talk about an amazing offer. I would love to win because I still have so many questions and it would be great to ask those questions to someone that wouldn't judge you and would give you some great feedback. I always think that I could improve and this would really help. Thanks for such a great prize.

  55. Jessica Vaughn

    I would LOVE to win! I love to learn more about photography and continue to grow. I just started my business this year and while I have been doing well I know there is still so much to learn....and who better to learn from than Jessica Feely! Pick me!pick me!pick me!

  56. What a GREAT opportunity!

    I am just starting out in the business and trying my best to absorb everything I can and learn as much as I can, but reading and practicing is only getting me 'so far' - I would love the chance to have a one-on-one with an experienced photographer like Jessica!!! AND, we have been considering a move to Seattle, and have been wanting/meaning to take a trip to 'check it out' for quite some time now - what a great 'excuse' this would be!!

    website/portfolio: www.christinahendrickphotography.com


    Thank you so much for your consideration!!

  57. Mindy Vande Griend

    I would love the chance to learn all your secrets! I have so many unanswered questions as I learn my camera and learn about the light around me.
    Thanks for doing this! How awesome!

  58. Emili Whitney

    My website above is currently linked to my blog. I have an official website, I am still customizing it and I hope to have it up within a week.

    I have been taking pictures FOREVER, I started taking engagements at BYU about 10 years ago and did a handful of weddings. Now that I'm a SAHM of 3 adorable children (ages 5, 3.5 and 20 months) I've decided to go for it and I'm getting my business license right now to make it offical. Photography is my PASSION! It drives me to be able to capture a moment and freeze it in time. I LOVE shooing babies and weddings and know that while I feel like I have some experience under my belt, there is always so much to learn! I feel confident but I am always looking for ways to step up my skills and learn from those I admire. I LOVE your last pic in front of the temple, it is stunning.

    I am trying to set up my business so that I can help my family get out of debt (wretched student loans) by doing something I LOVE. Thank you for your consideration!

  59. Natalie Whisler

    I would be so extremely excited and honored to have the opportunity to make a trip to Seattle (from Portland) to take part in a mentoring session. Like most of us, I'm self taught. I try to take advantage of resources online and at the library to keep learning, but nothing can compare to an in person mentor. I'm ready to take my work and my business to the next level and I would love some help in getting there.

  60. Name: Kathy Campbell
    Email: mrssoup@gmail.com
    Portfolio: alifecondensed.com and flickr.com/mrssoup

    Why? First off, how amazing are you, Jessica, to offer this opportunity? What a blessing to be in a place to give this to someone else! You are fabulous! Thank you!

    So, why me? Why not? I'm a full-time working mother to a beautiful 18 month old daughter and married to a stay-at-home dad. But my dream is to be able to quit this job and make it as a photographer. I desire so strongly to be able to support my family doing something I enjoy. To make it there, I have a plan. This plan would progress amazingly further if I was to get this mentoring chance. I have been devouring everything I can to learn what I need to learn, but to be able to get hands-on one-on-one training would be immeasurable. Also, I live in Portland, so it would be a quick commute up north AND wouldn't be in direct "competition" (not that I compare...) with you.

    Reading through the other entries, I cannot envy the task ahead of you. You have a difficult choice ahead of you!

  61. Name: Britt Franken
    Email: Britt.Franken@gmail.com
    Portfolio: www.brittfrankenphotoblog.blogspot.com
    also here: http://www.flickr.com/people/brittfranken/

    I've always been a lover of photography. Just recently I've become a mom and therefore have taken a huge leap of faith and resigned from my full-time job to follow my passions: my family and photography. Even though financially, I knew that switching careers would be difficult, with my husbands support, I'm going for it! I dream that one day I can help support my family through photography while remaining present and flexible for my family. At this point I have never had a paid photography job. I've taken pictures of many children and families while trying to put together a portfolio but ultimately have found it hard to jump into the business. I've been studying and practicing my photography in between pregnancy naps and diapers changes for over a year now and I finally feel ready to gather up my confidence and my camera and take this leap of faith.

    The opportunity to spend this time with you as a mentor would be a dream. There are SO many questions I have from composition and posing to work flow and pricing. I've tried to contact other photographers both locally and out of state but not one has responded or taken any interest in mentoring. I truly believe that having a mentor is one of the best ways to improve and grow in any aspect of life. Hopefully one day I'll have the skills to "pay it forward". Please consider me for this opportunity, it would be a life changing experience for me! Thank you!

  62. Anonymous6/30/2010

    Name: Crystal Vogel
    Email: crystalvogel@hotmail.com
    Portfolio: www.crystalvogelphotography.com

    Just a little less than a year ago I discovered this love for picture taking. I quickly dove in to the photography world learning and creating. Being so busy with three little ones of my own I feel like I have not been able to focus on fine tuning my photography skills. I would love a chance to view a pro in action!! Pick me!! Pretty please!!

  63. Name: Cate Sheffer
    Email: hellobeautifulphotography@gmail.com
    Portfolio: http://www.ciaobellaphotography.blogspot.com

    I adore photography. I adore capturing moments and details of people's lives and giving my clients a glimpse back in time. I've had no formal training other than a one hour mentoring session with a local photographer...and nothing has made a bigger difference for me and my personal growth as an artist! I know I would benefit from this session and would learn so many things! My small photography business is my family's sole income right now while my husband is studying hard in grad school, and it would be such a blessing to win a free mentoring session. Thank you for considering me for this opportunity. :) Your work is beautiful.

  64. Name: Hannah Houlihan
    Email: hannah.houlihan@yahoo.com
    Portfolio: www.houlihannah.com

    My love for photography started about 3 years ago at school where I took a photography class. I went to school and just recently graduated with a BFA focusing in Graphic Design, however, that one photography class has stuck with me the most and I try any chance I get to use my camera. I want to learn SO much more about photography and feel that that one class three years ago was not enough! It's such a passion now but I feel so lost and unqualified to move forward...perhaps I'm just scared (being a recent graduate the real world seems scary) but this is something I think I can be really good at once I have the confidence that I know exactly what I'm doing and not just relying on luck! This mentoring would be so wonderful, and thank you for even offering your time to give one lucky winner a chance to learn!

  65. Name: Sarah Shah
    Email: info@sarahshahportraits.com
    Portfolio: http://www.sarahshahportraits.com

    I would love to learn about RAW processing, posing, and light. This mentoring would be very beneficial and help me to take the next step in my business.

  66. Christina Weedon
    -or- facebook.com/christinaweedonphotography

    Now comes the hard part... :)

    A few years ago, we lost a baby nearly half-way into the pregnancy. Many weeks later, I stumbled across NILMDTS. I wish I were able to describe the feeling--no--the DRIVE that washed over me as I browsed the pages, stories and photos on their site. Tears poured over my cheeks, and at that very moment I knew, without a doubt, that I had found my purpose in life. Photography.

    Fast forward almost exactly one year. We welcome our happy baby boy into the world. And I start snapping photos. While he napped, I read and practiced. I could often be observed balancing silly, lifeless objects (banana? a stack of cookies? baby shoes? yep.) on the edge of the table to test what I had just learned about aperture. Or exposure. Anything.

    Fast forward again, and you'll find me now... I'm collecting images and techniques, learning, developing my style, and stumbling some too. I sometimes feel like an impostor. As if I'll one day be found 'guilty' of impersonating a photographer. Perhaps because I haven't quite come to accept that something so amazing (and fun!) could actually be my reality. Or that, in addition to capturing snippets of life and happiness, I may also able to offer comfort to grieving families through the NILMDTS Organization.

    I'm standing at the edge of the pool, looking down at my future. The clean, cool water is where I want to be, and I just need that one little push of confidence. A mentoring opportunity like this one? It would be that push! Heck--it would be a push AND a fancy new pair of water wings to help keep me afloat!

    Jessica, this is an amazing opportunity (and to find something in the Seattle area? even better!). Thank you for the opportunity!

  67. KC Brunson
    I'd love to be considered for this mentoring session. I would love constructive criticism and encouragement in my photography of children.

  68. Kai Smyth

    Please pick me :) I love your work and would love to have the opportunity to observe and learn from one of the best. (Oh and I married a Canadian and he drug me all of the way up to Canada :) I would love to come back to Washington state and visit family!!!)

  69. Ashley Bateman

    I'd absolutely LOVE to be considered for a mentoring session. Your work is truly inspiring & it's so wonderful that you are willing to mentor someone else and spread your knowledge.


  70. This comment has been removed by the author.

  71. Carrie Rainey

    I am incredibly excited for the chance to win this generous mentoring session, and here’s why:

    I just moved to the Seattle area, and chanced upon Jessica’s blog one evening (now a daily ritual ;). I find inspiration in just about every photographer’s work I view, but Jessica’s photography really resonates with me. After viewing her most recent wedding posts, I called my husband to come see the kind of shots I’ve been working so hard to learn to take. I went on telling him that I needed to somehow get in contact with Jessica and learn how she does it!

    So I mentioned wanting to ask if she’d consider mentoring, but that got shot down pretty quick with my husband (always the pragmatist!) pointing out how I’d likely, and rightfully so, need to pay her quite a bit of money for it. My husband is back in school, and with me being a stay-at-home mom, we are on a very strict budget (of school loans). I daydreamed that Jessica would be willing to do some charity work, but just minutes later I saw the post for this contest and was elated! “This is my chance!” I exclaimed out loud.

    A little history:
    After years of trying and several consecutive miscarriages, my husband and I were blessed with our first healthy baby, Elliana (Hebrew for “the Lord answered our prayers”). A few weeks later, for Mother’s Day, my husband gave me my first DSLR and I fell in love with photography as I experienced the joy of capturing a host of memories I knew I’d cherish forever. Having those moments tangible, visible, and permanent, filled me with a sense of satisfaction and security, and I was a little surprised at just how much photographs had become invaluable to me.

    I started getting more serious about learning photography, learning all I could by reading, scouring the internet, etc. Then I’d take my precious little girl, and practice, practice, practice! Though my skills and knowledge were still in the early stages of development, I was learning to take at least a few shots that really made me happy, and I wanted to share that satisfaction with others. First I started taking pictures of family, then friends, and soon even people I’d never met would contact me asking for photos. I became addicted to the artistry and satisfaction of creating a product that brought such joy to people, and knew photography had become a lifelong pursuit. So I decided to go pro.

    I have been portfolio building for 10 months now, am self taught (= need a teacher :), and want to specialize in family, children and baby photography. I want to share the joy that photographs have brought me with as many people as possible, and develop my abilities to the point where I too can give back to others, graciously as Jessica is offering to do.

    I’ve pushed the pause button on my photography blog for the summer so I can improve my skills, learn how to more professionally interact with clients, learn to shoot RAW and process images correctly, work towards certification, and prepare to kick off a licensed, legitimate professional photography business. I’m in the process of developing a marketing package, a new website and a new blog, and could really use the guidance of a professional who’s been where I am and has successfully moved beyond.

    This mentoring session would be the keystone that locks in place all the other pieces of my photography and business I’ve been preparing. The timing couldn’t be more perfect, as I am finally at the point in the development of my skills that this type of mentoring will really be beneficial in moving me on to the next level. In other words, not only did this opportunity come around at just the right time for me, but I feel I am also at just the right place in my development to make the most of this opportunity. Being selected for this would literally be a dream come true. I wish it was possible for all of us commenting here to win it ;)

    Thanks for reading my entry, and a big thank you to Jessica for offering such a generous gift!

  72. Anonymous7/01/2010

    Wow what an opportunity and what a great way to put some positive energy into play. We need more of that so, thank you. I'm actually writing to enter my daughter for your mentoring session. Her name is Sarah, she's a relatively new Mom of a now 3 year old. Her significant other has been out of work for a year (he's in the trades, no new homes...no work)so she's been working her buns off trying to keep things together and provide for her daughter, Ava Grace. She's pretty stressed and has decided to take up photography because 1). she loves it and 2). she could make some extra money! Actually photography is her one fun outlet. She's emersed herself in it and loves it but would really like some help to get started. I ran across your name on her 'like it' comment on facebook, went here and saw your post for a mentoring session and thought how perfect it would be for her. So as a Mom I'm asking for you to consider my daughter Sarah for your session as it would light up her world right now. Thanks again...it really is a super thing you're doing.

    Sherri Leonard @ sherrierox@aol.com for Sarah Mills @ sarahatwc@yahoo.com

  73. This would be so amazing to win. Jessica Feely is one of the best photographers i have seen and I would love to benefit from this opportunity. I am trying to turn my little bitty new photography gig into a full fledged professional business and would, like everyone else, benefit enormously from such a great opportunity. However, I have perused the comments above and there seems to many deserving people who would also benefit from this. So, as i am the most unlucky person in the world, good luck to everyone!! This is such a fun and creative way to bring photographers together and it's cool to be able to see what others are doing and what others look to for inspiration!
    --Tiffany Gallagher




  74. I am just starting out - about 6 months ina nd really would like help taking it to the next level. I think Jessica's work is incredible and would love to soak in her knowledge.
    Jocelyn Smith

  75. name: Andrea Jene Photography
    email: AndreaJene@Yahoo.com
    portfolio link: http://www.andreajene.com/

    1.) Because your work is amazing Jessica!!!
    2.) Because you sure know how to capture the magic in the moment.
    3.) Because spending a few hour with another creative soul is priceless.
    4.) Because learning something new is inspiring.
    5.) Because what I think I am going to learn from someone and what I actually learn is always something quite different.
    6.) Because I love helping families capture moments and feelings they will cherish forever.
    7.)Because I am always looking for new ways to look through the lens.
    8.) Because when we take the time to teach someone else, we always learn something as well.
    9.) Because we will laugh together and form a new friendship.
    10.) Because I have a dear friend living in Seattle, standing beside her man as he defends our country. And she desperately needs a little piece of home and not to mention a little girl time. Please pick me, so I can come and visit her!!!!

  76. Anonymous7/01/2010

    name:Shelly Eggleston
    portfolio link:www.photoexpressionsbyshelly.com

    Lack of confidence.....My lack of confidence in myself is my reason for entering. I know I can do so much more with my journey if I could just find the "wow" factor in my shooting. If I could gain more knowledge and be more comfortable behind the camera I could grow. Right now this is a second job if I could take the leap forward with my photography and quit my FT job I could maybe cut back my 80 hour week load and return to being a mother to my two girls. Thanks for the opportunity to enter.

  77. Name: Megan Hall
    Email: meghallphotography@gmail.com
    Portfolio link: www.meghallphotography.blogspot.com

    Can you imagine being mentored by Jessica? What an awesome experience that would be! I have always loved photography but I have only been doing it seriously for a few years. Like many others, I am a self-taught photographer. I have improved so much over the last year or two, but I know there is still SO much room for improvement. I LOVE how the colors in Jessica’s work are so bright and vivid! I want to learn how she gets such amazing shots!! It would be so neat to get to pick her brain for a little while. There are so many areas that I can improve on in my photography and I know Jessica would be such an amazing person to have help me!

  78. Name: Amy McFarland
    Email: amycloudphotography@hotmail.com
    Portfolio linke:http://amycloudphotography.blogspot.com

    I absoutley love Jessica's work!! She has the "ooooo-ahhhhh" factor that I adore in photography. I want that. I want people to look at my work and feel something. I want to touch peoples hearts, and though I feel like I am getting closer, I feel like I need a little bit of help getting over that hump. I am self taught but would really love any guidance I could receive from someone with such beautiful work and I know that I have places that I could impove upon. I dream of mastering my craft and helping others some day too. How rewarding for Jessica to be able to reach out and help others that need that little bit of help. I feel that as a "newbie" it's very intimadating to reach out to peers for help. Jessica's willingness to reach out to those with open arms is extremely kind and just has to come from the heart! I could only imagine getting a piece of some of her knowledge for my own!

  79. This comment has been removed by the author.

  80. Name: Gabriella Corrado
    Email: corrado.g@hotmail.com
    My small Portfolio: http://www.myphotofolio.com/members/corradog/sview/?album=My%20Photography
    My etsy Shop: www.etsy.com/shop/gabriellax3

    Why? Because photography is my passion. I am still young, and this would change my life forever. I have never had a teacher so I try and learn as much as possible online, but it just gets so hard! I feel like I will always be stuck as a "newbie" until i go get real help. I just want to bring my photography to a new professional level. I have all the potential, just need a little push. I want to use my creativity in a new way! A mentoring session is just what I need and what would be better then one from Jessica?! I love her work!I want a career in photography more than anything, but I still have so much to learn. I have a shop on Etsy, but it isn't going anywhere, and I am starting to lose hope. Your knowledge could help me start the business I have always dreamed of.

    Thank you so much for this wonderful opportunity!

  81. Kim Wiberg

    Please read a blog post I wrote a few months ago. It helps explains a lot of my reasons and why this would be so wonderful for me!!
    When my camera was stolen I was most upset about lost time. I’d only been taking pictures for 4 months when it was stolen. Time is a commodity when it comes to learning more about photography. I’m a mom of four and trying to teach myself has been tough but rewarding. I’m encouraged about my progress and very excited to have a new camera in my hands again. So many times there were photo opps that I missed out on. I went six months before I could replace my camera. Sometimes I got sad in those six months. I kept trying to learn as much as I could but I wanted to take pictures again. Please help me make up for lost time. The time I would save having this experience would be so beneficial in so many ways!!!!
    The link below is another short post about my reasons.

  82. Nichole Jensen
    This would be so awesome for me. I am a stay-at-home mom to 3 beautiful and crazy kids. They keep me busy, but I love photography, I love to capture the expressions that make people who they are. I am a self taught photographer. In my spare time I try to learn all I can from books and online, but I haven't had the extra cash to have some personal mentoring. I would love for a chance to actually learn with someone. Please help me make my dreams come true :)


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