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3 Finalists Announced- Vote Now!

I hope everyone had a wonderful 4th of July weekend! For those who are waiting to hear...

The 3 Finalists that have been chosen for the Mentoring Session Giveaway with Jessica Feely are:

Britt Franken

Rachel Havel

Nataly Harris

Just to remind you what the winner will be getting:

3-4 hours of discussion & questions.
A photo session with models (if you can make it to Seattle)
Jessica's Creative Blogging Actions Set!

The Polls are NOW open (below) for you to vote! You have until July 9th at 12pm (PST) to vote for who you think should win the mentoring giveaway. Finalists, feel free to send your friends and family to The Maternal Lens and vote for you. Only one vote per person, and comments do not count. Good luck!!

Who should win a mentor session with Jessica Feely Photography?


  1. Anonymous7/05/2010

    I can emphasize with Nataly as my husband also travels a lot and the only thing that i look forward at the end of the day when the kids are asleep is photography. So i hope Nataly can enjoy more of her photography while her husband is away!

  2. Anonymous7/05/2010

    Nataly's talent is warm and beautiful...awesome!

  3. Anonymous7/06/2010

    They're all great, but my vote is for Nataly.

  4. Rachel's have the most variety. She's able to ply her skill across a wider range of subjects.

  5. My vote is for Rachel!! I don't know either of the other two but I know Rachel and that she totally deserves this and I hope she wins!

  6. Anonymous7/06/2010

    Go Rachel! After all, her initials R and H are both in the word photographer. ;) Not to mention, great, great work and potential.

  7. Rachel Hartwell7/07/2010

    I vote for Rachel, her photography is amazing. She has a natural talent & captures life at its best!! Mentor Rachel Havel & it will be your best decision you have ever made!

  8. Anonymous7/07/2010

    rachel deserves this more than anyone. she is an amazing photographer, mom and friend! good luck<3

  9. Anonymous7/07/2010

    Nataly is an up and coming photographer and needs it more than the other more established ones. I like her work. Vote Nataly!!

  10. Anonymous7/07/2010

    Britt has a GREAT eye and an extremely interesting perspective.. She is the clear choice here.

  11. Anonymous7/07/2010

    I'm really impressed with the depth of Rachel's work. Her photographs are so warm and lively they make me want to meet the subjects.

  12. Brit is such a talented photographer! I love her creativity and organic approach to portraits. And Luca couldn't be cuter!!

  13. Anonymous7/08/2010

    Britt is the clear winner! Love the photos! She has a great eye - such a natural. Luca is a doll!

  14. I think Rachel's photographs show more real life work rather than a quick pose. She really captures things as they are and not posing like most photographers

  15. Anonymous7/08/2010

    Rachel's talent is amazing. I looked at all three profiles. All wonderful, but Rachel's work stands far above the others.

  16. I really like Rachel's photography and I know how much she wants to build on what she's doing. I think she should win.

  17. Anonymous7/09/2010

    I like Rachel's because she is good, great eye - Debbie

  18. I think Rachel's work speaks for itself. Her photos are natural and REAL, not staged. She uses natural light beautifully and I think it takes a great talent to use what you've got in each situation rather than creating the lighting you want. Go Rachel!

  19. Anonymous7/09/2010

    Britt is a self taught up and coming photographer who has an amazing eye and an enormous Passion to learn as much as she possibly can. Good luck Britt!!!

    Love ya


  20. Anonymous7/09/2010

    How do you vote? I looked at all three. Beautiful! I vote for Nataly. I love how her everday pictures look like art. I would LOVE to she what she could do after spending time with You!

  21. Anonymous7/09/2010

    I'm not sure how to vote either...all three are great, such amazing talent! However, I would love to see Nataly win!!

  22. I thought I could still vote today but it says poll closed. If I could vote it would be for Rachel Harris! They are all wonderful....but I like the feel of her photos.

  23. voting is closed!!
    thanks for all who voted and participated!

  24. Anonymous7/11/2010

    My vote is for Rachel, her work is amazing


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