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friday inspiration and a winner!

today's inspiration is....TOYS!

1. {Some of His Toys}, 2. Boys and their toys...{17/365}, 3. Tuesday's Toys, 4. Happy Bench Monday! Love, Buzz, Jessie and Woody, 5. Happy Bench Monday from my Little Friends!, 6. Discovery, 7. {125/365} Cookie Monster Personal Chef, 8. Friends always close by..., 9. POTD012210 - Saved from the depths...


and now....the winner of the fabulous courtneycourtney dress is......

Bekki Reed said... Just became a fan on Facebook. I love the clothes! I can just imagine my daughter in almost all of them. She's so zaney that this line is perfect for her personality!
It's so hard to choose but my favorite it the sandbox sweetie recycled layering hoodie twirl dress. But honestly, wow! Love this!

IF THIS IS YOU AND YOUR COMMENT, please email shannon at thousandwords@bresnan.net and i will get you the deets.

thanks to all who entered! and a huge thank you to courtney!


  1. oh wow, such a nice surprise to click on this post and see my picture, thanks so much. : ) there are some great ones here!

  2. I was surprised as well, thanks for posting my pic, love the other pictures as well!

  3. Yes, surprised is the word. I gasped with glee! Thanks so much ladies!

  4. Loved seeing my Lego appear there too! Fun! Thanks!

  5. Thank you so much for posting my picture!!! :)


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