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it's mommy monday!

We are going to start a new weekly post relating to motherhood, so here we go! It's Mommy Monday!

If you know me, you know that my children are the queens of messy mischief! People love to hear about the things they do, so I thought I'd share some if here with you. They are best known for the "fish sauce incident" where they poured stinky Thai fish sauce on my carpet, dumped a box of cornmeal and a box of grits on top, then smooshed it all in good with a rolling pin. Yes. Yes, they did. They have been trying to top it ever since!

Yesterday morning, I walked into the kitchen to find my sugar canister on the floor. The girls had topped it off with water to make a syrup with which to eat the rice krispies that they had spilled all over the floor!

There is polyfill pillow stuffing all over my front room. They were so sweet to open the package for me and, funny thing, it doesn't quite fit back into a bag the way it did before.

There are 16 rolls of toilet paper all over my family room. They helped me out with opening the package of those too.

My little artists *love* to dip paintbrushes into the fireplace. They expertly "paint" the white brick hearth and my nice light beige carpet with the ash. Regularly.

Last night, I had half a watermelon on the counter and the kids got caught digging out chunks of it with their hands. Ya...the kitchen was pretty sticky yesterday!

I caught my 3 year old twins with a bottle of pale pink nail polish before bed last night. Not seeing any nail polish "art" anywhere, I went about my evening, only to wake up to find an entire bottle of turquoise nail polish open and spilled onto the floor, hidden under a blanket. Of course, it was nice and dried by then! Got it out, using my expert knowledge and experience with such messes, but mama was not happy!

My mascara is their "witches lipstick." When they get caught with black lips, they act surprised that I've figured out what they've done.

They've filled all of their play dishes with chocolate syrup...on their sister's white bed...and unwrapped an entire package of maxi pads. All in a day's work!

It took a while to convince my youngest twin to quit sitting in the toilet. It was her favorite hangout there for a while.

{P} has decided the toilets are really jacuzzis. by you.

She's not getting *into* the toilet anymore, but over the weekend, she got caught "washing" out her undies in the toilet after having an accident. She had soap and everything!

When I tucked them into bed tonight, I had to remind them that we don't take umbrellas to bed. It's good to be prepared for anything, but that's a little too much!


I'm sure there will be more stories to tell! If you'd like us to post about specific mom-related topics on Mommy Monday, be sure to let us know!


  1. Amazing! I like to call my son little tornado, but after reading these stories you posted I am feeling a bit relievedl. However, that said, I must tell you about this weekend during our camping trip when a domestic issue broke out at 3 am in the site next to us & the cops came out (that's right, to a campsite). I thought my son slept through it all until the next morning when he began throwing rocks toward that campsite & yelling the exact phrase we were hearing during the domestic fight. The full story is on my blog & quite funny...my 4 year old now has a few new words to his vocabulary. Here is my blog post: www.thewayiseeitthroughmylens.blogspot.com

  2. Oh My! I thought I had it rough with my 4 & 2 yr old but you defiently have me beat hands down without a doubt. You deserve a vacation and a nanny. :)

  3. My, oh, My... I thought mine were mischievous!

  4. oh, i love knowing I am not the only one! : ) But in the toilet? Wow--that's a new one!

  5. I love those girls! : ) And their mommy too!

  6. seriously lol-ing over here! love the toddler in the potty shot!

  7. OK....thank you for that. I cannot tell you how many messes I cleaned yesterday...all in the name of "four little ones trying hard to be creative". How can I get too mad at creativity? I continue to tell them..."mommy will let you be more creative if you clean up your creative mess afterwards" Ahhh...momma life.

  8. It is so refreshing to hear that I am not alone. Almost every week this summer we have had different little friends spend the night, but my child has not yet been asked to spend the night anywhere else. One of the moms finally confessed that she wasn't sure she could handle my little mess maker! Yikes, I knew my girls were a handful, but didn't realize it was keeping them from getting invites. Oh well, I have lots of crazy memories.

  9. I just had to share this photo of my dear baby....


    they sure do keep us on our toes!

  10. I am so happy to hear that there are other mothers that KNOW that I don't make my mess stories up. We are raising creative geniuses I'm sure, but there sure is a lot of clean up required.


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