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Just another Mommy Monday!

So it's late, really late, so late that it's actually early...early Monday morning. I edit/type/respond to clients/check Facebook/check e-mail...alone in the house. Well not exactly alone, my family is sleeping.
I keep my littlest one, I guess she is still considered a newborn at 12 weeks, in the room with me when I stay up late. She's the one that wakes up most frequently and I can get her to lull back to sleep pretty easily. A simple hand on her chest, binky back in mouth, cradling of her head usually does the trick.
Tonight she's been particularly quiet, hadn't heard a peep in hours. So quiet that I did that thing. You know...that thing...all of us mother's do it at some point in time. I went in close for a look. Stood really really still. Seemed like many moments flew by. Waiting. Waiting to see her chest rise, you know, to make sure she's actually still breathing. Of course, she was. But I just had to be sure. And then...you do it again, just in case your eyes were playing tricks on you the first time you saw her chest rise up and down.

Speaking of which, that's been about an hour ago or more. I better go check again ; )


  1. I remember those days... oh I am living that moment right now.

  2. Ah I have had those days especially when the sleep just a little longer then normal...

  3. I still check in on my kids every night and watch to make sure they are still breathing...and the oldest is 5!! :c)

  4. I too remember checking on my babies as they slept. Those days are long past for me, though. Now I wait for phone calls to learn about their adventures. Time is passing too quickly.

  5. This brings back memories for me. I think all Moms have done this before. One of those things we share in common with each other and may not even know it. :)

  6. When I read this post I smiled, remembering when my two little ones were once so tiny. To be honest, I still do this occasionally, check on them to make sure they are still breathing, then I just watch them sleep.

  7. Every night when I go to bed I stop at the top of the stairs to listen to eveyone breath. If I don't hear anything... I tip toe into each of the boys' room and watch. :) They are 3, 5 and 8. :oD


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