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{low down, throw down with Marta Locklear}

When I first saw the work of Marta Locklear, my jaw literally dropped! She is amazing and her photos are beyond inspiring. We are so glad to have Marta on {TML} today - we hope you enjoy getting to know her and her work!

we are thrilled to introduce marta locklear...

Name: Marta Locklear
Business name: Marta Locklear | Photography
Location: Fredericksburg, VA
Website/blog: http://martalocklear.com http://martalocklear.com/blog

Tell us one sentence to describe your photography:
Moments in time splashed with light, color and texture.

What's one thing that everyone should know about you?
I will never say I can't do something.

How long have you been doing photography and how did you get started?
I am in my fourth year of photography. In the summer of 2006 I was itching really bad to oil paint again. With a baby in the belly and 2 kids already in tow, making oil painting happening again was not looking very good. One day while logging onto my Yahoo email I saw an ad for Flickr. 2+ hours later I was in awe of what I saw and was ready to give it a whirl. With my Kodak Easy Share (clearly clueless) and 2 bribable kids I started shooting all I could. A couple of months later I played with a friends 20D and fell completely in love. The rest pretty much snowballed from there.

If you could own one exotic animal as a pet what would it be why and what would you name it?
A White Tiger. I think they are a stunning, majestic creature and I would love to photograph it all over the place. I would name her Opal.

What is your greatest post processing tip that you are willing to share?
If you are going to find actions, find the ones that allow you to adjust all the layers. This will give you the freedom to tweak for different lighting situations and to make the processing your own instead of a staple look.

If you were given $500 today what would be the first thing you would do?
For my family get a hotel room at the beach for the weekend. For photography put it towards a Contax 645.

Where do you go to find inspiration?
I get inspiration all over. Day to day things around the house even inspire me. It can be the way the light comes into a room, a color palette of some things scattered on the counter, or the interaction of my kids. I enjoy browsing magazines and catalogs as well.

What type of sessions are your favorite (children e-sessions weddings newborns....) and why?
I know this may be a bit cliche, but I really do love them all. It keeps me from getting bored and keeps my creativity up. Gets hard to be repetitive when you subject is always different.

What equipment do you use and if you had only one lens to use...what would it be?
I have the Canon 5D II, sx-70, 2 holgas, 50mm 1.2, 85mm 1.8 and 28mm 1.8. I adore my 5D II and 50mm and the combo is what I use 90% of the time...so that is for certain what I would keep.

What has been your most memorable assignment and why?
It would have to be a small family I photographed while they were visiting from New Mexico a couple years ago. The 4 year old boy wanted nothing to do with me. He was actually pretty clear he did not want any photos. This was the first time I had encountered a child that was this hard to ease into. Add the pressure of no possibilities of a reshoot...I was stressed. I remained patient and tried every trick in the book I knew to get him to like me and to make him comfortable. Eventually during a field walk he found a large wide branch from a tree and begun dragging it around the field. I asked him what it was and he told me it was his mower. That was my entry into his world and for the next hour we played and mowed the field while I documented it. I was in love with the images from that session because I shot from my heart. At the time I was already frustrated that my clients were not getting my "creative" shots and I worried this session would be the same way. Instead his mom felt the same things I did for every single one of the images that I loved. The images that others would just pass by. From that day forward I changed the way I worked and geared my business towards a new clientele. I owe that little boy a lot.

What was your first paid session like? Were you nervous? Did it turn out how you wanted?
I was flippin TERRIFIED! I didn't sleep, I over analyzed everything, only to have it not go like I expected. I even practice shot most of it. The session went fine and I have been photographing the same family for over 3 years now.

What moment in your life makes you smile every single time you think about it?
Watching my husband and 3 kids walk down the street ahead of me. One on a skateboard, one walking her puppy, the little one running, and my hubby playing the watchful Dad. Something about seeing them all just being them, but together melts my heart. My goal this is to capture that image soon (besides in my heart).

What is at the top of your wish list right now?
New studio.

Who is the first photographer that comes to your mind and why?
Jose Villa. I am just head over heals in love with his color palettes and use of light. His compositions are simple and timeless but so attractive that you can't help but love them. From his personal art to his wedding work. I am in love with his style.

What's the best meal you cook?
Drive thru. Haha...kidding...but that is what my kids would say. They don't eat the things I love to cook. I can make a great really good Chicken Marsala with a Fresh Spring Mix Salad with dried Pomegranates, Pine Nuts, Pecans, Blue Cheese and homemade Balsamic Vinaigrette Dressing. I eat that salad a LOT.

Tell us the best advice that you have ever received (photography related or life in general):
Never limit yourself...and that I can do anything I set my mind to. Thank you Mom!

If you had an entire Saturday to do whatever you wanted...what would you do?
I have two. Spend the day on the beach with my family. Or go driving to somewhere new and photograph the journey.

If we surprised you at your house today what would be the first thing we would notice?
2 Dogs at your feet outside, 1 tiny dog at your feet when you walk in the house and 3 kids that act like you came to play with them. My kids love visitors! Other than that maybe stuff here and there and two desks (mine and my hubbies) cluttered with work.

What photography based organizations do you belong to?
PPA, WPPI, Flickr and that is it. I quit most forums over a year ago.

And lastly.....when we started the maternal lens all of us filled out this questionnaire and shared our answers....now it's your turn :)

What is your favorite word?
What is your least favorite word?
What turns you on creatively spiritually or emotionally?
Light. The simple feeling or visual of the sun light pouring in on a moment can make me feel so much.
What turns you off creatively spiritually or emotionally?
What sound or noise do you love?
My kids belly laugh...I could never get enough of that.
What sound or noise do you hate?
Whining. And yes, I have 3 kids...and here it a lot...but it has never got easier!
What is your favorite thing to say when you get mad?
I can't type that here. But it starts with F (I am a bad girl).
What profession other than your own would you like to attempt?
I have a degree in Fashion Design. I could always go back to that.
What profession would you not like to do?
Book keeper. I hate it...no loathe it!


  1. thanks for sharing Marta. Your pictures are just breath taking. I am a beginner in the photog business..I also have a degree in fashion..lol Keep up the great work!

  2. Its always so interesting to read about someones thoughts, thanks Marta :)

  3. gorgeous work! love the light and processing, your inspiration of Jose Villa really comes through in your images, just lovely!

  4. Loved seeing the new photos M. Great interview!

  5. Thank you SO MUCH for featuring Marta. She's so amazing, she's actually local for me and keep trying to come up with some way to run into her. :P

    Gorgeous gorgeous work.

  6. marta you are so wonderful and i adore everything you do! thanks so much for being part of TML. xo

  7. She is probably one of my biggest photography inspirations. Great interview!

  8. Beautiful! I love finding new loves....and this interview put her on top of my list!

    Especially the actions tip. Layers are SO WONDERFUL! I wish they all came in layers....

  9. Kathryn Falconer7/19/2010

    I was so pleased to see this post. I've been following Marta for a few years after stumbling across her on flickr. She's incredible, and makes me want to be a better photographer.

  10. Marta, you are such an inspiration! I loved reading about how you started with your easy share, that's exactly what I did and light is also one of my biggest inspirations.

  11. I can't get enough of looking at Marta's pictures and love how in tune she is with her creativity. Beautiful as always.

  12. I absolutely LOVE Marta's work. Thanks for sharing with us, Marta!

  13. Anonymous8/27/2010

    Love her work. Beautiful!


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