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mommy monday - la la lalalala. so good to me. la la lalalala.

sometimes it's easy. easy like sunday morning. and other times it's a struggle. chasing that little person down the hall. screaming gleefully through the house. what am i referring to you may ask? the bath. the delightful ritual us moms goes through to cleanse our little creatures of the filth and dirt accumulated from a day of exploring, digging, climbing, painting, gluing, building sand castles, eating pb+j or in our own jennifer's case, creating rug art with a box of cereal!
i remember being so scared of bathing my newborn for the first time. thrilled that my sister, the r.n., was there to guide me through. "start from her head meg and work your way down". got it. of course now i can barely see my child in the tub with all the "stuff" she likes to bring in. the plates, the cups, the little creatures, turn your back for one minute and that lovely body wash you savor for yourself has been completely emptied. there's a child in there somewhere, i know there is. i could have sworn there was....... i put her there myself!
lately, annie wants to wear her bathing suit in the tub. why? i couldn't tell you. in her world the tub is a big swimming pool and she is the diva doing her laps. of course i let her wear her little dora bikini. why not? if it gets her in that tub and clean i have won my battle. sort of. our deal is she can wear the suit for the first part of the bath but it has to come off for the second part. the washing of the hair, the scrubbing of the toes. the cleaning of the body parts.
you know the drill.
she likes to float on her back now too. immersing herself in the water until only her face is exposed. i thinks it's here that she does her deep thinking. figuring out what her next move will be. reviewing how her day was. how can she make it better tomorrow.
i love scooping my child out of the tub and wrapping her in a warm fluffy towel. she smells so good.
but then....the dreaded brushing of the hair............
....thats a tale for another day!



  1. Anonymous7/26/2010

    What an adorable little mermaid!!! xoxo, Ker

  2. I think you've been watching my house at bath time!


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