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[potd]. wednesday

seriously! how can you not scream with glee while looking at these toe toes! let's hear it! awwwwwwww!!!!!

.this little painted piggy.

todays fab shot is from leah hoskins - entitled "this little painted piggy"


  1. These cute little toes make me want to sing this little piggy....all the way home.

  2. That is just the sweetest thing!

  3. ohmahgosh....sweet little piggies!!! I love the shot!

  4. I am completely inspired to paint my babies toenails now!!!!!!!

  5. Kelly Decoteau8/18/2010

    For all of you who want to paint your baby's nails ... PLEASE use a non-toxic, water based polish. Your sweet baby does not need all those toxic chemicals on her body or in her mouth. We all know that babies love putting their fingers and toes in their mouths!

    Sorry, I had to be the preachy mom today. Don't hate me.

  6. Cute...but I would not paint my infant's toes. Call me old-fashioned...but I guess I get to join the preachy mom's club.

  7. aw. So adorable :)

  8. Thanks for choosing my photo, what an honor! I appreciate eveyone's kind comments. It's so nice to get positive feedback! As photographers we all have to work hard to be unique, or to put new twists on old ideas....it is good to hear when people appreciate them. Thanks again :)


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