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[sunday respise]

we've all heard the song lyric "easy like sunday morning" - lionel richie. i still love that song. and it's true. something about a sunday. gives us all an excuse (sad that we need one) to stop, relax, breathe a bit. as photographers i know our minds never sit still. we're always thinking. our eyes are always looking. we are forever on the great inspiration wheel. but that's cool - it's how we roll. so to honor the fevers of inspiration that can never be cooled enjoy this fabulous mini movie from that wonderful uk catalog toast. besides having the perfect name, the perfect outfits, the perfect accessories, the toast catalog offers me a constant flow of inspiration. this movie appropriately titled "there" takes you on a journey. beautiful photography. beautiful music.
so go ahead. be easy like sunday morning. take a breath. relax. sit and try to be still. monday will be here before you know it! xo

and because it's always better with a photo.

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