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photo of the day {Monday}

We hope you all had a wonderful weekend! Fall is getting into full swing here, which keeps some of us pretty darn busy. Still. :)

The photo of the day is another great reminder to always keep that camera handy. Kat&Kat explains that it was just one of those lucky days where everything happened to fall into place, creating this wonderful image. I also love that she chose to play with her composition a little, making it a great sky shot. Love it!

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  1. What a wonderful surprise it was to find my image here. Thank you!!

  2. What an amazing picture! I love all the detail and what a dream for the little girl!

  3. Anonymous10/08/2010

    Saw your page through another photographer, then I saw your comp, liked your page, then your images and then your links. Curiosity ended up costing me $59 as I ended up buying some Florabella actions. Even if I don't win it was worth the visit and I am looking forward to browsing through your pics in the future. So Ciou from Australia. Facebook is an amazing promotional tool for all and a great way to see how each photographer works. Nic Jones


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