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{low down, throw down with michelle moore}

when senior portraits are involved, it's michelle moore's name you will hear.
she is the best of the best. her work with high school seniors is unmatchable.
she captures the true beauty of who they are, what their personality is, their
playful side, their serious side and everything in between.

her images are strikingly beautiful...rich in texture and color. i could look at her
photos (and drool over them!) all day long.

i'm super thrilled to share with you a bit more about the completely amazing,
michelle moore.....

Name: Michelle Moore
Business name: Michelle Moore
Location: Seattle, WA
Website/blog: http://michellemoore.com + http://michellemooreblog.com

Tell us one sentence to describe your photography:
My style is about natural beauty, the light found in the everyday, and filled with the essence of youth.

What's one thing that everyone should know about you?:
That I'm a loyal friend.

How long have you been doing photography and how did you get started:
I have been taking photos since I was 16. My mom gave me a camera in high school that shot APS film (remember that funny camera you could put in portrait or landscape mode?). I started my professional career at 19 by shooting live shows for friend's bands, and doing musician promos. I did that for about 2 years, but it wasn't until I started doing headshots for my friends in the drama school (I was attending the University of Washington at the time) that I realized I could start a business doing what I loved.

If they made a movie about your life, what would it be titled and who would play you?My life is simply not that fantastic - ha! But I do adore Julianne Moore - it would be rad to have her play me!!

What is your best post processing tip?:
Keep things natural!! The biggest trick to what I do - is shooting RAW, and pulling contrast OUT in ACR - then using a simple S-curve layer in Photoshop to create the most natural and clean looking contrast. I like to keep it simple.

What is your best tip for getting great lighting in photos?
Look for that "sparkle" in the client's eyes. If there is no light reflecting in them, it is going to make the eyes look flat and lifeless. I look for great lighting FIRST before anything else, then I focus on environment and the client's personality. Open shade on bright sunny days is my ideal lighting situation.

What does beautiful mean to you?:
Getting someone to be relaxed and natural in front of the camera so their inner beauty shines.

If you could photograph anyone living or not, who would it be and why?
Off the top of my head I would love to work with Joseph Gordon-Levitt. He's my favorite.

Explain to us your dream vacation?:
At this point I'll take ANY vacation! But I would love to travel to Greece, Australia and the Caribbean in the next few years.

What type of sessions are your favorite (children, newborns, weddings, senior, other....) and why?:

Fashion - and Seniors! I only focus on the things I truly love. Fashion is my passion and what I hope to be doing full time very soon. Seniors are equally important to me, but in a different light. I really believe in my clients, and I want each one of them to see how truly beautiful and unique they are inside and out - and taking their portrait is my way of sharing that with them.

What equipment do you use and if you had only one lens to use...what would it be?: I shoot with the Canon 1DS MK II series at the moment - and I'm considering upgrading to the MK IV when it's released. I go through phases with my lenses, and right now, I couldn't live without my 50mm. It allows me to get nice full body portraits with beautiful light that remind me of something from the pages of a fashion magazine, while also giving gorgeous bokeh for nice close-up portraits.

What is your most embarrassing moment?

I pretty much do something embarrassing everyday!

If you could go back and give yourself one piece of advice when you were starting out in photography, what would it be?
I honestly don't think I would change the experiences I had when I started out. They have shaped my business into what it is today.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?:
Shooting for top fashion magazines and celebrity lifestyle work. Or doing a job that is helping in some capacity bringing awareness to our global climate crisis - and saving the earth.

What song inspires you? You know the one that can lift your spirits no matter what:
I LOVE music too much to pick just one thing. Broken Bells "The Ghost Inside" is what gets me up and at 'em at the moment.

What is the all time best book you've ever read?

Atonement was probably my favorite novel I've read in the last 5 years. I also really love The Giver - a book we read in middle school.

If we surprised you at your house today, what would be the first thing we would notice?
That it is VERY CLEAN + organized!!

What are your top tips for great marketing and getting your name out there?
Blogging as OFTEN as possible, and creating a strong brand presence by shaping what you want your audience to see. For example if you want to shoot more seniors - start blogging sessions that are seniors, or things that look like seniors - and put work out in the world that you want to get. Facebook is also a fantastic tool for getting your name out there without spending a penny. Remember, you will only get out what you put in to these tools. It's not magic!!

Who is the first photographer that comes to mind and why?
Kristen Tourtilotte. She's a close friend, and her travel/wedding work is simply inspiring. If you don't know who she is, you should. http://iamkristenmarie.com

And lastly.....when we started the maternal lens, all of us filled out this questionnaire and shared our answers....now it's your turn :)

What is your favorite word? Legit
What is your least favorite word? "Like"
What turns you on creatively, spiritually or emotionally? Music, light, nature.
What turns you off creatively, spiritually or emotionally? Ignorance
What sound or noise do you love? Rain, or waves
What sound or noise do you hate? Car horns
What is your favorite thing to say when you get mad? Probably something inappropriate!!
What profession other than your own would you like to attempt? Drummer in a rock band
What profession would you not like to do? Doctor - I'm terrified of needles, and blood grosses me out!!
If Heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the Pearly Gates? That I get to go back and live my next life.

a huge thank you to michelle!!!


  1. Awe, Michelle is my FAVORITE!!! Love this and her rocking hair ;)

  2. Thanks for this. I am a fan of Michelle and her amazing work!

  3. Great post! You're a huge inspiration, Michelle. And ditto on the hair!

  4. Thank you so much for the interview! I'm glad you guys like the red hair - although I'm very dark brown at the moment for winter :)

  5. This was a great interview post! I was inspired and even learned a few new things :)

  6. Oh man, this is gorgeous! What amazing art! I am a new fan for sure!!


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