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i secretly want to live in the uk - i fancy myself right out of a rosamunde pilcher novel - always wanted to go - never have.  i don't recall  how i discovered the fabulous uk catalog "toast" - it is very reminiscent of anthropology - with beautiful photography and lovely clothes and accessories- there is an interactive website too. the blog is a fav - very organic - filled with stories from their catalog photo shoots. i wanted to share their latest video showcasing their mediterranean travels for spring/summer 2011 featuring the photography of nick seaton. 

spring. it's coming!

ps - if you haven't read the shell seekers. read it. read it now!


  1. OMG, Rosamunde is one of my all time favorite authors!! Have you read Coming Home? Absolute all time favorite book. I highly recommend it, and also, September and Winter's Solstice.
    Let's have a cup of tea! :-)

  2. susan i have read them all - more than once!! so wonderful. and yes let's have a cup of tea!! xo m.

  3. Winter Solstice was my first. Then I went to Coming Home. My husband couldn't understand how I could read a book over 700 pages long! But, I didn't want it to ever end. I cried like a baby when I finished Winter Solstice. I just love Rosamunde!!


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