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[one clever photog] - wow!

she has a new baby. home on maternity leave. she is a photog. she was bored. well she is beyond clever. if you haven't seen or heard of adele enerson you are in for a treat. while her baby sleeps.....she imagines her dreams..........BRILLIANT!!!


link to more photos here!

link to her blog mila's daydreams


  1. I've had this "forward" circling my e-mail for months- I love it! I've been wanting to try the baby on a clothes line photo with (my)a newborn. So creative! I wish I had the time to create these dreamlands with my babies. :)

  2. This is fantastic!
    I tried to do something similar with my cat and it didn't quite work out.

    Okay, it didn't work out at all. My cat wasn't in the mood to be my "model" gave me a dirty look and then walked away. He's so uppity.

    Thanks for sharing. I love this shot!


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