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WPPI adventures

my feet are still sore and the bags under my eyes are still there, but what a great time WPPI in las vegas was! SO much learning, inspiration and friendship was had. i just wanted to show you a small glimpse into some of the things that were going on. if you were there, we would LOVE to hear what you loved the best, who you loved to hear speak...and anything else you'd like to share. if you are even kind of considering going, i say DO IT!! worth every penny!!! hang in there...this is a BIG post!!!

the worst part of WPPI is the lines at starbucks :)

all of the platform classes are so great! one of my favorites was
bobbi + mike. the were funny, honest, passionate and inspiring. they made me cry, they made me laugh out loud. the passion and love they have for photography and what they do is awesome!

and, of course, who doesn't love the AMAZING jose villa. i knew he was the bee's knees, but listening to him talk was incredible. he is such a beautiful soul and his inspiration to all is unmatched. every single word he spoke has been replaying in my head. his talked changed me. oh, and i won an instax camera!! whoot!! okay, my husband did....but really, it's mine :)
and can i just say, jose's new book looks amazing!!!

here are some of the trade show booths. there is SO much information in the trade show. you could spend days just in at the trade show. lots to see, lots to soak in.

it was great to see so many supporters of the maternal lens at the trade show. we are really lucky to work with so many wonderful vendors. we thank you all!!!
and MPIXPRO, we love you!!

alicia at mpix has been so wonderful to TML!

she is so great, in fact, she is passing along a coupon code for all of our readers!! yay!!!

okay...so a little side note. i totally geeked out when i saw my photos at the mpixpro booth. i admit it...i was a bit out of control. so fun to see one of my weddings on their beautiful image boxes!!

the incredible
jamie schultz talking at the mpixpro booth...

i'm sure you know by now how much the maternal lens loves borrowlenses.com!!!!

it was so great to meet joel of adorama. he is such a wonderful person. be on the lookout for some great things coming to the maternal lens from adorama. we are brainstorming big ideas!!

joel himself (please excuse me in this photo. haha!)

and, of course, the lovely and talented jasmine star doin' her thing.
you can see her low down, throw down HERE.

and her handsome other half, jd :)

thank you to brett and
life. camera. actions. for supporting TML!!

some random trade show photos....

one of the big benefits of getting the full registration to WPPI is that you can take the master classes. these classes are on a smaller scale (20-30 people) and you get a lot more info from them and lots of hands on experience. one of them i took was on low light photography by pierre stephenson. he was full of great information and wonderful tips. we even got to see him in action :)

another i took was a posing class called sudden impact by the very kind
fernando basurto. it was great to get out and see him with the models. so much great info!!!

and lastly, a few familiar faces to the maternal lens blog!!!
you may know and love them as much as i do.
in the middle is liz leighton. see her low down, throw down HERE.
she was our very first one!!!

and on the right is
meg borders. see her low down, throw down HERE.

and i know you LOVE these ladies!! on the left is terry of sassy design and in the middle is kristen of kristen caldwell photography!

and one of my most favorite moments of vegas was taking a little trip off the strip to red rock canyon for a photoshoot. if you are interested, you can see more here.


  1. I had a great time at WPPI! It was my first time so I didnt know what to expect! I went to WPPI U and took some platform classes. Sarah Petty's "Sell you butt off!" was great! I REALLY wish I would have done a photoshoot out there. I guess there's always next year :)

  2. Melissa2/28/2011

    I've been looking forward to this post. Looks like so much fun. I have never been before but really want to. I looks like all the photographers are pretty easy to approach and talk to. I really like that.
    Thanks for sharing, Shannon!

  3. Allison S.2/28/2011

    I was at Jose Villa's class too and I couldn't agree more. He is the BEST!!

  4. SO great seeing you again, shannon! :)

  5. Awesome recap. Looks like fun. Next year, Shannon... you and me again. For sure!

  6. Hopefully next year I will go. :)

  7. Looks like fun. . . . maybe one day . . .

  8. I start and end this post. What an honor! (
    (ok, thanks for letting me jump in that first picture). Great writeup! I can't wait for next year!

  9. This year was my first time and I had a ball! Me Ra Koh, Tamara Lackey, Jasmine Star, Roberto Valenzuela, Jamie Schultz ( I was listening to her too...on the other side tho :)...Counting down until next year!!!
    *I saw that starbucks line every morning...I wondered why people didn't got to the other one near the slots..? LOL

  10. shhhhh, aaryn! that's my little secret spot! ;)


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