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Birthday Goodness . . .

is just right around the corner for you all! If you only knew just how awesome the stuff we have in store for you was...you may not be able to control yourself! We can hardly wait to share. ;)

STAY TUNED, dear readers! You will not regret it!

The last two years have just charged by, and it brings me so much happiness to see where it lands us. Right in the middle of this ring of friendship, inspiration, love, motherhood, and photography. Thank you so much to my TML sisters--you are where it's at. And to you, dear readers, where on Earth would we be without you??

Happy Birthday, The Maternal Lens!




  1. Thank you for TML and all it's goodness!

  2. Woohoo! Happy Birthday TML. Adorable photo...Love TML!

  3. sarah oh sarah! you are such an amazing kind soul! i am sooo happy to be on this journey with you!! happy birthday TML!!

  4. sarah this journey wouldn't mean anything if you weren't a part of it. you are one big sparkling fabulous gal and i just adore you xo

  5. Happy Birthday TML! ♥


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