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happy birthday to my ladies!

i had plans of a big long sappy post about how much i love and adore all the TML girls....but when i awoke to the news of what has happened in our world, my heart became filled with
sadness and prayer.
so, for our birthday wish, i ask you to say a prayer, an extra thought...or whatever it is you do for all of those who have been affected and will be affected by the earthquakes and tsunamis.
i cannot imagine.

my girls know how much i love them. i hope you, as readers, know how much we appreciate you coming to visit us every day and to all of those who support the maternal lens....THANK YOU. we could not do it without you.



  1. Amanda C.3/11/2011

    Shannon, I don't know you personally. Only from what I read on here and on your blog, but you seem to have a heart of gold. Thank you for sharing it with us.

  2. Well put. xoxo follower for life now

  3. Sally Duncan3/11/2011

    Happy birthday to you and the others too! This is one of my favorite blogs. Prayers being sent.

  4. ha! love you, love the pic. when I count my blessings, you are definitely one of them. xo

  5. I love you Shannon!!!
    (she *does* have a heart of gold).

  6. oh my dear girl. i love - adore and admire you more and more each day. thank goodness we have you. xo

  7. *tears* this is beautiful!!! And its beautiful b/c your heart is beautiful and sweet and so full of love for others! Prayers are never far from my heart and tongue and im wishing the TML a happy birthday!!! Xoxoxo. - Trina

  8. You have a beautiful thing going here and I love coming over to read every time you have a new post. You are so real and that is why I love this place!! Happy Birthday to TML and all of it's contributors!!
    And thank you for sharing from the heart about the current situation with Japan and the horrific nightmare they are going through~
    Prayers for them BIG time!! xo Josette

  9. Shannon.... you are too dang cute!!!
    HAPPY B-day TML!!


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