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{happy birthday to TML!!}

two years old. we are officially toddlers! who would of thought our little idea to incorporate photography - motherhood and friendship into a blog  would blossom the way it has. we didn't know where this journey would take us. two years ago today we said our first hello. i am so humbled by the amazing success in our corner of the blogosphere. you our dear readers make it all worthwhile and wonderful and delightful and so inspiring.  the incredible and giving photography community remains one i am proud to be a part of. the amazing photographers who take time out of their day to be a part of TML blows me away. there is so much kindness. but it wouldn't mean a thing without  my partners in crime. my friends. my mentors. my sisters. the gals that make me a better me. not a day goes by that i don't think of you. not a moment passes that i don't revere you. aren't i lucky?! yes i am.

jen - seriously what would i do without you. you never cease to make me laugh on a daily basis with your tales of motherhood. your girls keep you on your toes that's for sure. i love how you find humor and happiness in everything - perhaps it's survival but it's wonderful.  and your talent i mean come on not only do you take amazing pictures but you sew amazing things. i envy that. the beautiful pieces that annie wears are so well loved by my little girl. with the twirlability that only a mom would know! you radiate coolness. you are a true treasure to me and TML. xo

sarah - your joyful spirit is contagious. you so aptly named your business. clever girl. you are an amazing mother to your children. it seems like your arms are open wide 24/7. how do you manage it all? a successful photography business, sign language interpreter and mothering those beautiful kids. and you just renewed your vows with the love of your life and your newly expanded family. you inspire me. you inspire TML. xo

megan - i remember when we met via the internet. i just knew we were kindred spirits. i just knew you had to be in my life. and i am so grateful you are. when we first met we each had our little girls both born in december, and now you are the mother to three gorgeous children. isn't it amazing. it's all so meant to be. your photography is poetry to me. your honesty is comforting. and your delight in motherhood and the birth process is so pure and wondrous.  you must  put a book together on that subject. it would be brilliant. you're happy and that makes me happy. it makes TML happy.

shannon - well now what can be said about shannon that hasn't already been said. you are such an incredible gal. i am so happy our paths crossed. you are always there on the other end of my computer to encourage me on. to guide me. to offer me advice. and i appreciate that more than you'll ever know. your friendship is so important to me.  your photography business has bloomed and it's gorgeous scent has spread far and wide. you my dear are amazing. i am so proud of your success. but besides all that and most importantly, is the love you have for those gorgeous little boys of yours and your husband. so with your camera in one hand, starbucks in the other :) and your men around you - you will conquer the world. you make TML a better place. xo

i love my gals. i love our readers. i love our vendors.
happy birthday to TML!!! xo

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  1. Meg, I love your insights and musings...you are such a wonderful woman, mentor and friend! I absolutely adore your photo and your fabulous chairs in the background! xoxo Happy birthday to us! I hope we enjoy many more together. Love you!

  2. meg---there aren't enough words to say what a beautiful person you are inside and out. you have brought so much to my life...so much to me. you are the ray of sunshine that makes me a better person. love you!!
    and i'm gonna keep saying it...happy birthday to us!!!!

  3. Meg you are so gorgeous! Inside and out! All 5 of you are awesome! Happy Birthday to TML...I've loved to see it all happen and can't wait to see more!!! <3 <3 <3

  4. Meg, you are so poetic. I love your kind spirit, your talent, and keen eye for beauty. I'm excited to move forward on this journey with you.

  5. Happy Bday TML! I'm new a new follower here and I love your site!

  6. Love this photo of you!! Can I have that cupcake please? happy birthday, TML!!!

  7. Wow, wonderful words spoken here! You guys never cease to amaze me and the LOVE is spilling out all over this TML birthday celebration between you guys!! Love it!!


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