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.how do you edit?.

it's another round of how do you edit!
we have 6 fantastic ladies and photographers up today.
as i've said before, there is no right or wrong way to edit. you need to find what
works best for you and your photography. these are just some of the ways that
others do it. it's a great learning tool to see how someone gets from point a to point b.
we hope you learn a new trick or two!

be sure to leave them some love and feel free to post any questions you have.

have a wonderful tuesday!!


first up- the incredible camilla binks-

before (sooc)

Here is the recipe:

-liquified a teeny tiny bit on her hand arm and waist.
-used content aware to delete the tripod showing in top left corner
-selective color layer to tweak the blues
-ran MCP actions Details/Color action and masked off skin
-ran TRA's ProRetouch on her skin at 100%

Ba da bing ba da boom. Done.

after edits-


next up is the incredibly talented, brenda acuncius-

before (sooc)

I normally don't spend a lot of time on a photo but with Seniors I try to make them a bit funky and artist. This beautiful girl was one of our Senior models during our Face 2 Face workshop that was held in Dallas.

1. I did a quick mask mode just on her eyes only, did a level midtones adjustment on them to brighten them up. It made a HUGE difference in brightening and opening up her eyes.
2. I cloned out the people that we standing behind her off to the side the best I could without messing up the fence detail. I added a couple textures later to really blend them in.
3. I ran TRA's Pro Retouch action (http://www.gettotallyrad.com/index.html) and just smoothed out her face and skin. It didn't take a lot...I set the brush at 33%.
4. I added the clouds in the background and erased them off where I didn't want them. If you are a fan of Florabella's facebook, she has a great adding cloud video (
5. Ran Mademoiselle from Florabella's Luxe I action set (
http://florabellacollection.com/blog/). I opened up the layers and lowered the dull pop layer to 38% and lowered the entire action to 45%.
6. Next I ran Red Leaf's Film Shit Color IV action from the Signature series (
http://www.redleafboutique.ca/). I turned off the vibrance boost layer to dull down the colors on her as well as it lessened the contrast too. I also turned off the grain layer.
7. Then I burned the fence to my liking.
8. I flattened the layers and then made a duplicate layer, grabbed my sponge tool, made sure it was set to saturate and had it at 100% opacity. I sponged the grass. Don't worry because it will look neon but the reason I set it at 100% is that it gives me an even flow and usage. After I was done, I lowered the layer opacity to my liking which was about 40%.
9. Next I added Jessica Drossin's texture Testament (
http://jessicadrossintextures.blogspot.com/). I set the layer at about 60% and erased it off her skin and clothes.
10. Then I added another one of her textures called Dream (
http://jessicadrossintextures.blogspot.com/). I kept this at 100% and just erased it off her skin and clothes.
11. When I added the last texture (Dream), it really softened and brightened up the entire photo and since I erased it off her, I needed to have her skin a little brighter so I did a quick mask mode on her skin (face and arms) and did a brightness/contrast layer and set my brightness to +4.
12. Next I ran TRA's P.O.S. Lens action from TRA 2 The Revenge Set (
http://www.gettotallyrad.com/index.html), turned off the overall levels layer as well as the extreme burn layer and lowered the highlights layer to 6%. I then selected the blur layer and got my eraser tool, set the opacity to 100% and erased it off her face and arms along with her clothes. Once I got to the tips of her fingers, I set my eraser to 50% and just erased the rest of her dress. Doing that still left a bit of blur there.
13. I ran Florabella's Sheer Haze action (http://florabellacollection.com/blog/) and set it at 8%.
14. I ran my Vignette action (
http://www.actionsbybrenda.com) and set the opacity at 10%.
15. And finally I finished it off with Florabella's Sharpen/Defog action (
http://florabellacollection.com/blog/) and set it at 42%.

after edits-


next up, the wonderful and incredible, becky earl-

before (sooc)-

This is a super simple edit, but I wanted to show how easy and
fast it can be to edit a properly lit and exposed image.
The sooc was shot on film with Kodak Portra 400.

-when I got it back from my lab, it was developed and scanned a little
hazy looking. So I opened up LEVELS and brought up the shadows until I
could see some nice contrast coming in.
-then since it was shot was Kodak (and that film tends to favor reds and
oranges) there was a bit too much red in the image for me. So I opened
up SELECTIVE COLOR and in the REDS drop down I brought the CYAN slider
to the right just a little bit, just until the red started to fade a
bit. Then I went into the MAGENTA drop down and brought the MAGENTA
slider to the left to take away bits of MAGENTA in her face.
- then I cropped for an 8x10 and I AM DONE.
-no sharpening for print or web needed.

after edits-


next up, the super awesome, ali hohn-

before (sooc)-

when using off camera flash, i don't do a ton of processing on my images.
very simple.

Then I ran a high pass filter and layer masked it off my senior and the grass

after edits-


next up, the amazing photog and texture queen ;), jessica drossin- http://www.jessicadrossinphotography.com/

before (sooc)


1) Added "Magic" from Texture Pack 3, 100% "Overlay" mode.

2) Duplicated "Magic" from TP3, 100% "Soft Light" mode.

3) Painted beige-gold color from "Magic" texture over the top of the texture itself in skin tones to keep the color from texture, but lose the texture's detail.

4) Made a small adjustment in curves to darken shadows slightly.

5) Adjusted color balance to warm up skin tones slightly.

6) Dodged and burned slightly.

after edits-


and last but not least, the super fun and fabulous, holly gauper-

before (sooc)

No actions or presets were used on this image.
I first raised the exposure of the whole image but realized there were parts I wanted to keep, such at the curtains that were getting completely blown out.
So I raised the exposure a stop and then worked on the face.
In Lightroom, I used the brush tool to raise the exposure only on the selected darkest areas of the face, especially the right eye. I like to use a lot of layers for things this bad off. That way I can be more gentle, I guess, rather than doing one layer of raising the exposure a ton. So I just lightened up the right side of the face and the left eye then added another layer or three to the right eye to bring it out.
I’ll also note that this is the beauty of RAW. The information just would not have been there with a jpeg in my opinion.
I did the same process with the exposure brush on the chest and arm as well to bring them out.
So once I actually got the face back, I used the soften skill tool in Lightroom to smooth out the texture and bumps in the skin. I also used the heal tool to get rid of some spots and acne.
Next I used my exposure brush again and lowered it to about -40 with a large feather and brushed over the top part of the white curtain to make it not so blown out from when I raised the overall exposure of the image earlier.
Now that the exposure is the best it was going to get I did not like the color. The full color version of this image is not so good since obviously the light was non existed facing away from the window.
I used the split toning sliders to bring my highlights orange and my shadows blue. I used a fairly low saturation amount of both, around 6 and then brought down the saturation of the whole image so the milky color you see is mostly those split tone colors showing through.
I then exported the image out of lightroom and brought it into Photoshop. I used the dodge tool at 8% and worked on the right side of the face and eyes a little more to help them. Sometimes Lightroom can only take you so far and photoshops tools just add that little extra perfect touch.
I then also added a small amount of warmth with the photo filter in Photoshop since I like the tone of that over what I can do in Lightroom sometimes.
So yes, it was probably quite a bit of work but I was going to delete the photo in the first place but liked it and took it on as a challenge to see if I could make it respectable. So I’m pretty happy with the outcome. :)

after edits-

thank you to all of you for sharing some of your tips!!!


  1. What a great resource TML is!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. LOVE it! Thank you so much for posting these! SO helpful!

  3. Ashley3/08/2011

    These are awesome! Thank you so much for sharing. I think I actually learned a thing or two. LOL! Off to play!

  4. Anonymous3/08/2011

    I recently found your blog a few weeks ago and I am so happy I did. You have a really great blog here. The information is great. I love that photographers are willing to share what they do instead of keeping it to themselves. Becky, your film work is beautiful.
    Thank you to all of you and the maternal lens.
    Marcy D.

  5. Ditto! This is an outstanding resource - Thank You! I wish I would print them all out and bind them.

  6. Sally Duncan3/08/2011

    LOVE THESE! What a talented group of photographers. Some of these ladies are my very favorite photographers. Thank you for this. It's a huge help!

  7. Anonymous3/08/2011

    Personally LOVED this post. I love seeing before/afters and I love seeing other photographers workflows. This is great! I'd love to see even more before/afters from photographers :)
    Rachael Myers

  8. I love reading what other Photographers do in their post processing! Thank all of you so much for sharing!!!

  9. Such a fabulous post! There are so many different ways to edit and I love that. These were so fun to see.

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