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a piece of jamie schultz...

jamie schultz
talented in so many ways, she is one of the nation's top photographers.
her photos are stunning, her designs are gorgeous....and she, is well, a beauty.

she is sharing a bit of her with us today :)
we get to peek into her amazing studio and see what some of her current favorite products are right now!!! thank you for sharing, jamie!!

a peek into jamie's studio--
My studio is located in the little bed and breakfast community of Hudson, Wisconsin (just outside of the Minneapolis, Minnesota metro area).

The studio is really a work of passion for me. When I took ownership of the space it was important to me not to simply fill the space with “stuff”. I wanted to use elements that had meaning and character. Many of the pieces in the studio are items that were salvaged locally. The turquoise chairs at my desk were salvaged from a 1940′s supper club, the curtains on my display wall are from an old movie theater built in the 1930′s, the colorful doors in my shooting space came from old farm houses in the area. It was quite a process pulling the studio together (it took a little over 6 months), but to me it was worth the effort!

some of jamie's favorite products--
I take great pride in offering my clients products that surpass all expectations. So much of what I offer my clients goes well beyond the pictures on paper. It is important that I provide products that can withstand the test of time and will continue to be treasured heirlooms for many years to come.

(garden delight box)

(skinny senior rep cards)

(shabby chic cards)

(senior calling card)

(cover story book)

**all products available at mpixpro.com**


  1. oh jamie you're space is perfection. when can i move in?!! xo

  2. Rachel3/02/2011

    WOW!! What a gorgeous space you have. Some serious inspiration in there.

    I love the cover story book. Can I ask what the garden box is?

  3. Mandy Welch3/02/2011

    Jamie, I am a huge fan of yours. Thank you for sharing! Your designs are beautiful and that studio?? Incredible!

  4. Wow, this is a truly gorgeous space and I love the details!


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