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{Photography Meets Fashion} The Search for the Perfect Camera Bag

Who says your camera bag can't be as cute as you are?  After lots and lots of browsing, I've put together a list of some of the cutest camera bags out there. 

1)  The Jill-e Nylon Camera Bag -Yellow
Sold here for $129.99.

2)  The Bowler by Acme Made

Sold here for $14.00.
3) Porteen Gear's Paisley Cow Hair Leather
Sold on their Etsy shop here, for $150.00.
4) Xcess Rize Design's Carrie Camera Purse
Sold on their Etsy shop here, for $74.98.
5)  Jo Tote's Rose Padded Camera Bag in Moonbeam
Sold here for $89.
6) All of The Epiphanie Camera Bags!
but especially The Belle

Sold here for $164.99.

7) The Emera Original Quilted
Sold here for $169.
8) The Snugglens Medium Full Flap Hobo
Sold at their Etsy shop here, for $115.00

Alright, it didn't take any convincing at all, I had definitely overlooked a gem.
9) Kelly Moore's Classic Camera Bag

Sold here, for $209.99.

So much cuteness!  How could a girl ever choose?  Tell us what camera bag do you use?


  1. I just got the Kelly Moore b-hobo bag and love it! I've also had a Ketti bag, which was just beautiful.

  2. Christy, I've been wanting a Kelly Moore b-hobo for a long time but I've been a little worried about whether it will fit my gear. How much can you comfortably carry?

  3. I have the Kelly Moore - Libby and so far I am loving it

  4. i ADORE my ketti bag!!! http://kettihandbags.com/

  5. Have Epiphanie's LOLA in black - Use it as a purse/camera bag. Love it and get compliments on it all the time from non photogs thinking it is just an oversized purse. . .

  6. what a timely post for me...i'm on the search for a new bag! :-)

  7. Anonymous4/28/2011

    I <3 all these bags, but decided to go with this:


    Now, I can put my camera in whatever bag I feel like using...

  8. I have the snuglenss bag and LOVE IT!!

  9. ah! i'm obsessed with cute camera bags! I have a jototes but really want the classic cranberry croc from kelly moore!

  10. sara Martinez4/28/2011

    Hey what about Kelly Moore camera bags!!!! I have the Libby and I love it!!!!!

  11. Thanks for all the good info! I want to upgrade my camera bag to something more cutesy and this is a great place to start!!

  12. funny story ... before xmas last year my sis and i went to a camera shop to look around while looking at the bags she kept pointing out all the cutesy small ones and telling me that i needed one. i told her that what i actually needed was something that was a bit more bulky because i had quite a bit of equipment to carry around. well, come xmas morning, i open a gift from her and a few seconds than her for the cute lunch box ... it was actually the bowler bag by acme made!!!!!!!!!! it's alright when i want to carry around my camera and one lens because i can just throw it in my ginormous purse, but other than that i don't really use it. i love the ginger bag on epiphanie's site, though! maybe i'll put that one on my wishlist for this year's holiday season ;)

  13. I love my aqua Epiphanie Belle.

  14. I have the Kelly Moore B-Hobo in Grass Green and I LOVE it! I had three other camera bags before I settled on this one. It is now the only one I carry. Although there are some really cute bags in your post. Hmmmm?

  15. i LOVE my jill e bag!!!!!

  16. I love my Ketti bag (Army Blanket), but it’s very wintery, so I was just shopping for something for summer. Ended up buying an insert from Martilena -- now I can get whatever bag I want!

  17. I have the Jo Totes rose bag in Teal and I use it as my daily purse that I can just toss the camera in when I go out and about. I also have the Kelly Moore Classic in Purple and LOVE it for sessions. It's great too, because I can fit my netbook in the back pocket.

  18. LOVE my snugglens hobo. Super practical for work and super cute for everyday!

  19. I have just gor my red Cologne bag from POMPIDOO. Love it and can't even look at my other handbags :))


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