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red leaf boutique photo contest!

it's a photo contest!! so fun!
this contest is all about red leaf boutique and all about you!

if you don't know already, red leaf boutique has the most incredible actions around.
they are simply a work of art. they will transform or enhance any photo to make it it's very best.

red leaf boutique offers a few different types of actions....

the film shift actions

vintage soft tones actions

workflow actions

and their limited addition signature film shift actions set(only 500 sets will be sold!)

i'm telling you, they are AMAZING in every way!!!

feel free to visit their site, see how they work, look what they do and then pick up a set!!
you won't be sorry!

so now for the contest!!
it's simple! all you have to do is edit one photo using red leaf boutique actions.
yep, that's it! the photo can be of anything and any red leaf action can be used.
you will then email the photo to shannon at shannonhollman@bresnan.net. you must include the name(s) of the action(s) you used to edit the photo. (these will be going on facebook, so small size, saved for web would be best).

the photos will then be placed on the TML facebook page. there people will 'like' the photos. feel free to tag yourself and spread the word about your photo! the top 5 photos with the most 'likes' will be judged by a panel of professional photographers and one winner will be chosen.

what do you win??? are you ready???
one lucky winner will receive a $250 coupon to red leaf boutique! awesome! this can be put toward any of the actions as well as the online workshop!!
ALSO, the winner will be featured on the maternal lens in a low down, throw down interview!! yay!!!!


photos to be considered for the contest must be emailed to shannon between now and friday (4/8) at noon. i will post them as i get receive them. 'liking' the photos can begin as soon as they are posted. monday morning the TOP 5 with the most 'likes' will be posted and sent to the judges to pick ONE ultimate winner.

ready, set, go!


  1. What about us Gimp users?

  2. yay, 25% off! that's just the excuse I needed to buy these!! :)

  3. Great actions! Great contest! thanks just what I need. just submitted .


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