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red leaf photo contest

this was such a fun contest!! we will definitely be doing more of these!

red leaf boutique actions are simply incredible! i hope many of you pick up a set!!

there were so many beautiful entries and i know it made for tough judging!
below are the top 4 runner ups and ONE BIG WINNER!!

thank you to our group of judges that helped picked the winner:
-becky earl
-shannon sewell
-brenda acuncius
-kristen cook
-jessica drossin
-skye hardwick edmonds
-andrea tate
-meg borders
-jamie schultz
-lisa roberts

here are the top 4 runner ups--

photo by erin drago-

photo by leslie rowse-

photo by britt lakin-

photo by bethanie louden-

and our BIG first place winner of a $250 gift certificate to red leaf boutique actions AND an upcoming low down, throw down feature on maternal lens is..............


congratulations to kelly and the rest of the top 5!!!
and a HUGE thank you to red leaf boutique!


  1. congratulations kelly! great shot - all the images were wonderful - nice job everyone. xo

  2. congratulations Kelly, a very well deserved win!! :)

  3. Wow - thanks! LOVE Red Leaf and Maternal Lens (and adore the photographers who made the final choice) so huge honour. Thank you!

  4. Wonderful work by all. Congrats Kelly :)

  5. Sandy and Ron4/12/2011

    Hats off to you Kelly....another wonderful accomplishment!! Well deserved...

  6. Congratulations...so pleased to hear of another success story! Keep it up!

  7. Kathleen4/13/2011

    Congrats Kelly! What an awesome Photograph! xo

  8. Anonymous4/13/2011

    Awesome Kelly!!...Linda and Pem

  9. My dear Kelly.
    Why am I not surprised that you are a winner.
    You have a wonderful soul which shows through all you do.
    Congratulations. I am so proud of you
    Rick S


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