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.Mommy Monday.

{Don't forget about you.}

This evening, why not treat yourself to a candlelight bubble bath, a bike ride around the lake, a bouquet of flowers, a mani, a pedi, a cupcake, some new makeup, cook what YOU want to eat for dinner, a glass of wine, a facial, a latte, read a good book, dance, laugh, create, go see a movie with a friend or by yourself, or just...be.

Make sure to put 'deposits' into your own personal 'bank' often, so you can continue to make those daily 'withdrawals' for your family, your friends, coworkers, clients, etc etc etc.

Quiet. Me Time....

Keeping it all in balance

Red Velvet

me in the wine section


  1. mm great shots!! LOVE the cupcake :)

  2. I had a "ME" day Friday. So important! My patience level for my son is no longer in the red. :)

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  4. Reading (forgot in previous post, pastries, exercise, or wine! All four are great ways to enjoy quiet time. It's so easy to swing either way: too much time with, or too little time without, our children. Taking care of yourself one of the best way to take care of them. Nice reminder


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