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{Photography Meets Fashion} The Search for the Perfect Camera Strap Cover

Now that we've seen a lot of the adorable options for camera bags, you're going to need an equally adorable camera strap cover to go with it!  I've searched high and low for some amazing camera strap covers, and I'm sure I've missed some, but here are a few that I fell in love with.

1) Eclectic Whatnot's Ooooh, Snap! Camera Strap Cover

price: $48.50

2) Yes, they made the list twice!  Eclectic Whatnot's Choose Your Ruffle Camera Strap.

And for a limited time, you can get this sweet cover for $25 at VeryJane.  Normally priced at $38.50.

3) Our very own...The Pink Pooka's Lavender Paisley Camera Strap Cover.

price: $10.00

4) Rosebudlips' Camera Scrap Strap Cover.

price: $40.00

5) Polkadotbungalow's Chic Couture Camera Strap.

price: $32.00

6) SwankyCameraCouture's Reversible I Love Lucy Camera Strap with Lens Pocket.

price: $30.00

7) Citystrap's Baltimore Camera Strap.

price: $30.00

8) Knitty Bitties' Happy Little Camera Strap Slipcover in Sunny Gray Skies.

price: $18.00

9) Ella Monde's Caribe/Tadot Camera Strap Cover.

price: $14.00

10) Do It Yourself!  Here's a tutorial.

courtesy of Kevin & Amanda's Website.

Be sure to check out all of the seller's shops, some make more than just camera straps and have lots of creative and fun things!  Please share with us your Camera Strap Covers too, if you make them or have one you love!


  1. Ha, I actually just wrote a blog post about this and my love for having an actual camera strap that's pretty instead of a cover!


  2. Great resources, thanks!!!

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