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We love seeing you behind the scenes! It's so entertaining to see how we contort ourselves and rig up backdrops to get the perfect shot!

Here are some recent goodies we've received...

from I Believe Studio

from Sarah Bailey Photography for Nashville's HER magazine

here's one from me...put the hubs to work as backdrop boy!
Jennifer Pinkerton Photography

from Amanda of Bel Momento Photography who was 6 and 9 months pregnant shooting these weddings!

and lastly, some shots of our very own Megan shot by our very own Sarah, both of Red Barn Wedding Photography.

If you have a great shot to share (be sure to send along the resulting final image you were working for!) email me at jlpinkerton@cox.net.


  1. How neat! Love to see the behind the scenes!

  2. Great idea. We sure do go to crazy lengths sometimes.

  3. Wendy Murray (Focus On You Photography)1/06/2012

    this is so neat..we put ourselves in some funny positions sometimes

  4. Where did you get the bar that is on the two stands?


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