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the farm chicks

this past weekend i took a girls trip to spokane, washington to attend the farm chicks antiques show. i have heard so many wonderful things about it and was so excited to be able to go to it!
we had heard what to expect...but had no idea!
what a show this was! TONS of vendors, antiques, goodies, props, junk, treasures....anything you can think of! what i didn't realize were the TONS of people too! WOW!! the thousands of people there was incredible!! the people were great, though. everyone there sharing the love of the same thing...junk!! :)

the displays that each of the vendors set up were a work of art. they were so well done and full of amazing goodies! although, a bit overwhelming to see it all and get through it all, it was a great time! i could easily spend my life savings there :) BUT you don't have to go broke to get something out of it. there is SO much inspiration around every corner. you didn't have to spend one penny (well, okay, the entrance fee) to get inspired. so many ideas, colors, props, people, textures....so much inspiration!!

i was planning on taking a ton of pictures, but i kinda failed in that department. i was so sucked into it all that i completely forgot! i did get a few, though, and i'll share them with you!

i encourage you all (especially photographers) to check out the farm chicks and the farm chicks blog. serena (the founder) has an amazing story and is just trying to do what we all are....raise an incredible family and have a successful business
doing what we love at the same time.
you can follow on facebook too- the farm chicks (tell them we sent you!)

this is serena...

if you were there or even if you have been in past years, we would love to hear about it!
what treasures you found, what your thoughts were.....


  1. Justine6/06/2011

    I wanted to go to this so bad but couldn't make it work this year. Your pictures are beautiful, Shannon. I can't wait for next year!

  2. Your pictures are wonderful! I just love that show...the CRAZINESS!

  3. Melissa Rae6/06/2011

    This is awesome! I am all the way across the country, so it was too hard for me to get there but it's nice to live it a bit through your gorgeous photos. I have heard its a crazy time!

  4. Love these photos! What a fun display. I didn't know what to expect, but I'd be in photography heaven if I were there!

  5. We went this year for the first time! SO AMAZING! I loved all of the inspiration, like you mentioned, and even the commonality of all of the women there... invested in junking: restoration, re-using, etc. I brought home a FANTASTIC windmill {actually from the vendor from your last image} and a ton of other treasures, i have many plans to do something fun with! Thanks for sharing your images... i have got to get a post up soon of my experience this week too!

  6. Thanks, I could not go this year either, so I sure love seeing the photos. Great shots!

  7. I'm checking out some of the blogs that are blogging about the show and I love how everyone is capturing different things. Just shows the diversity. Loved your pictures. I wanted to come through them and be there.
    Have a great day.

  8. Anonymous6/08/2011

    Your post is fantastic! One of my favs from the show. I love all of your pictures you have some great photography skills:) Thanks from Stacy at The Old School House:))

  9. I am crying I am so sad I couldn't be a vendor this year. I am enjoying it through your eyes...amazing pictures, thank-you. Next year I will be there!!!!

  10. Really creative and innovative stuff is shared in the post.These captures are really adorable,antiques and stuff will add grace in decorating home and outdoor area......
    Love this post..!!!!!!

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  12. I went last year, and was completely blown away! From the moment I walked through the doors, to the moment I walked out, I think my mouth was still hanging in awe. I absolutely loved the experience! I had so many ideas when i left, i went home and wrote them all down. I couldn't believe the creativeness that some of the vendors came up with! I highly suggest anyone and everyone go to this! You will love it, and most likely walk away with a pile of loot! :)


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