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[tuesday talks] - the summer list.

It’s the last week of school. I’m panicked for a few reasons. First, I will have at the weeks end, an official kindergartner – how that happened, I will never know. Second, how will I keep this child busy and happy for 67 days.  And third, all with a smile, patience and the ability to throw in a dash of adult time as well.

To kick off our first official week of summer vacation – we have declared girls week. Very convenient considering my husband will be gone for 6 days on a camping trip in the woods of Maine. I can’t imagine even wanting to go camping for a day let alone 6, but off he will go. So Annie and I have declared “girls rule” – We have a list of things to accomplish including the beach, manicures, pedicures, the movies, barbies and her new hula hoop. She is determined to get her hips wiggling and accomplish more than one spin around. I include myself in that determination, hooping was never my forte but I hear it’s a great way to whittle down your waist so what the heck.
So after our girls rule is completed, that leaves me with 61 days to fill of summer fun and activities. Two weeks will be filled with summer camp.  We are very lucky to live less than 3 miles from the atlantic ocean – the beach is always an option. I suppose for that reason, I could fill the remainder of our summer just hanging in the sand building castles and collecting seashells. But I’m a typical New Englander – there’s only so much beach time you can handle.

So this is our list of things to do this summer – if you have any ideas please share them I am always on the hunt for fun activities. Hope your summers are fantastic. Um….when does school start again?!! xo

Bike rides, rail trail walks, playground tours, firefly hunt, tissue paper flowers, strawberry picking, homemade ice cream, swimming, herb garden, lemonade stand {that will be a separate post wait until you see the one our neighbor is building annie!}, children’s museum, american girl store and lunch, trip to CT, beach, french knitting, craft days, sprinklers, chasing down the ice cream truck, air conditioned movie theater, library, summer ballet, whale watch, dinner on the beach, outdoor movie nights, photography scavenger hunt (as suggested by our own Jen!), train into boston, sidewalk chalk, bubbles, picnics, flower picking, haircuts, face painting, hot dogs, sitting on the boardwalk watching the boats, frisbee, farmer’s market, watermelon, outdoor concerts, lobster and steamers, beach walks, kite flying, harbor tour, make a reading teepee, say farewell to baby toys, new york city, visit family, take a pedicab ride for ice cream, star gazing........

The list of course is to be continued and can be changed at anytime without notice especially when the babysitter is available and I can go swing on a hammock somewhere with a new magazine. (kidding.......maybe) xo

and to get us on our way - some inspiration from our TML pool of delights.

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Happy Summer ❤


  1. Those are such lovely photos. They all capture the essence of summer! Bring it on!

  2. It sounds pretty perfect ... here's our list - pretty similar! Enjoy!


  3. Thanks for posting my pic! Love this site! Happy summer to you!!!!


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