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[tuesday talks] - in our hearts.

Too soon to say goodbye, my dear
Too soon the tide will rise
But not 'til it reaches another shore
Will I ever say "goodbye"

Not while the music and fireworks
Sing down the hill to the sound
Not while the girls in their summer gowns
Are dancing round and round

{c. simon}

my heart aches for caylee marie. i just can't imagine the horror she was subjected too. i'm not judging, the jurors have that job - but in my heart of hearts i just can't stop thinking about this beautiful creature. she deserved better. she deserves our thoughts, our prayers, our anger. without getting morbid or too down and out. i just ask you to hug your children a little harder today and every single day. i know we all have our days of feeling overwhelmed or perhaps even tired of doing for others and not for ourselves. but it's a privilege to be a parent. an honor to call a child our own. they are so impressionable and trusting and love us unconditionally no matter what. i know there are times i have to take a deep breath. but when i do, i am able to breathe in all that is wonderful about my little girl. our children are precious. let's put them on the highest of pedestals. they deserve all our love, all our kindness, all our hearts. xo




comparing bellies :)


I heart this

1~Evening Nap


Sweet Little Hand

making supper

thinking. making. thinking. making.

arms full


  1. Anonymous7/05/2011

    Beautiful, Meg! I'm crying as I write this...how precious these gifts of life are, given to us, actually loaned to us to bestow the same unconditional love they bring to our lives...I have been blessed with two of these angels. God bless you, Caylee, you will never be forgotten. May you be soaring on the wings of heaven!

  2. I am so glad you posted this, your words are beautiful and so true. That sweet baby deserved so much more.

  3. yes thank you for including me in the love that children deserve.


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