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mission : Americana

Here are the last of the mission : Americana submissions. We received so many wonderful images! Thanks to all who participated! A winner will be announced tomorrow, so check back!

Photography by Andrea

Mesmerizing Moments Photography

Janeen Cappelletti

Andi Boffa

Suzi King

Keri Kay Photography

Whitney Hutchins

Drabek Photography

Daisy Crane

Keri Kay Photography

Teresa Smith

Dena SanMiguel

Ashley Steen

Jessica Erickson

Tiffanee Greenley

Amy Schoettker

Casey Grimpe

Kaley Lein Photography


  1. Awesome pictures but the one with the flags in the tree and the Rubicon was taken by me...Suzi King, not Ashley Steen.

  2. Sorry about that Suzi, I'll fix it. Thanks!

  3. Jacqueline8/04/2011

    amazing photos....so creative! Love them!!

  4. They're all so beautiful! I'm so honored to have one of mine featured - thank you! :)


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