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.Mommy Monday {personal edition}.

This is a sort of different edition of Mommy Monday, because I am going to share some of my (Sarah) personal journey of motherhood with you all.

This week marks a very special week for the Long clan, as we are officially growing two-fold this Friday, our Adoption Day! [It's been a long time coming!]

Let me tell you part of our story.


This is Miss K. (for privacy purposes) In her 15 years, she has seen some very dark places. Her mother passed away of Cancer when she was only nine years old, and through this time she has seen several foster homes. K is our first foster child. She is completely Deaf. Our primary mode of communication is American Sign Language. (Besides photographer, one of my other ‘labels’ is sign language interpreter, so this works. Ü) She is such an amazing young lady. She is vivacious, kind, gentle, and has such an amazing gift with animals and young children. We took her in only "for the summer," while her placement agency would look for more permanent placement. It didn't take long though, to realize, that she wasn't going anywhere. We all soon realized that God had put us together, to stay together.

Many people asked me why I would take on such a thing–being that I already work two jobs (owning two successful photography businesses, then a part time “day job”), and having two wonderful buggars of my own already to focus on. To tell the truth, my two little ones were a large portion of why my husband and I decided to go for it.


We felt that while it is good to talk to our children about kindness and helping others, it is even better for them to see us do it. Live it. Live deeply and purposefully. So, when this opportunity arose, we felt called and blessed to share the love that we have found, with someone less fortunate. This experience has made us reach deeply inward, and give parts of ourselves away, that truthfully we didn’t even know were there. Even my children have had to share more of their parents, and learn a new language.

Through the natural progression of things, it was not long before her younger sister, (Miss W) joined our family. She is the quiet, introverted, artistic polar opposite of her sister, and she brings much joy and laughter into our home. Miss W. is hearing.

IMG_6070 copy_WEB_WM

Then, there was, and is, the business of mending. Hearts that have seen so much darkness have some barriers to break through, before letting love again. I know this well. In my life, there has also been darkness. I know what it is like to be a frightened child that carries around a lot of hurt. But, the blessings that I now behold each day upon waking, sometimes literally take my breath away. I will hold their sweet hands, and show them that the world is not all darkness. We can find the light together.

So this Friday, I ask for all of you to celebrate in your hearts with us, as we begin a new chapter of our lives.

Thank you for reading about our journey. And, if you haven’t, please consider fostering or adoption.

november 390 copy_WEB

november 214suweb

(The two photos above were taken of our family last fall by our own Megan Rogers!)


IMG_5942 copy_WEB_WM

IMG_5897 copy_WEB_WM

IMG_5938 copy_WEB_WM


  1. wow. Thank you for sharing such a personal story. My own tears mean that I too had some darkness in my life, and had only wishes for someone to take my hand and show me there was light. You are amazing for following your heart on this, and those girls are incredibly lucky to have you. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Love your story, thanks for sharing it with us! All the images are beautiful, but the most recent are incredible. They seem to have really discovered who they are as individuals, and it suits them!
    Congratulations on your wonderful additions!

  3. Thank you so much for sharing this... I too am a foster parent, and my husband and I are beginning our journey towards adoption! It is still in the very primary stages, and we continue to pray due to some obstacles and hurdles, but I know what you feel, and I can say I am with you on it all ;) I have an FB, and I would love to continue to communicate with you via FB if you would be so kind. My name is Liza Castro Robinson. This way I can sort of share my journey with someone who fully understands the ups and downs of fostering, but mostly understands the reason why there is such a GREAT need to find others to join us on this journey :)

  4. They look so happy! What a sweet story!

  5. Bonnie8/15/2011

    They are very special girls who are joining a very special family. What blessing you are to each other! Can't wait to see Joan's maternity pics. Please send me the link when you get there.

  6. Oh Sarah, my heart is bursting with joy for your growing family. I was so teary reading this. You are an amazingly strong woman and such an inspiration! I will be celebrating with you all in spirit tomorrow. Congratulations! Sending much love xoxoxoxoxoxo

  7. What an amazing and powerful story! Thank you for sharing it. Your daughters are absolutely stunning.

  8. What a wonderful, amazing, and inspiring thing you've done! I'll be praying for you and your family. xoxo <3

  9. When we added child #4 to our family (through adoption) a lot of people questioned our sanity. It has been the best experience for us but especially for the three children we already had.

    I am beyond thrilled for you and will be thinking of you on friday!!

  10. this is so beautiful. thank you for sharing a piece of yourself.

  11. sarah - i am so happy your family will be complete. what a wonderful journey - what a beautiful tale. xo

  12. Congrats and that is so awesome and wonderful of you. I worked for DCFS so know how much good families are needed. Beautiful pictures

  13. Such a beautiful story with pictures to go along with it! Thank goodness for people like you!

  14. Beautiful story (and girls and pictures!) Congratulations to your sweet family!

  15. Sarah... What a beautiful story and what beautiful images! Congratulations on these two girls becoming yours forever! I have been considering fostering and/or adopting. Stories like yours are encouraging! Thank you for sharing!

  16. Congratulations! My husband and I were also foster parents, to a little boy whom we adopted last year. These children are so very special, with beautiful hearts just waiting for someone to show them the love they need. It takes time to open their hearts to love, but when you give them that time, you are rewarded with such a special love. I wish your family all the best! Thank you for spreading the word on this need to help children, and for sharing your beautiful story and images!


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