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.Mommy Monday.

As moms, sometimes we can get stuck in a rut with all the taxi-ing around, meal planning, work, child rearing, and all the countless other daily tasks that we perform.

Sometimes, it takes doing something really daring to snap ourselves out of it.

Take skydiving lessons, dye your hair something that you would have never dreamed of, buy that outfit that you thought you couldn't pull off. You'll probably be pleasantly surprised.

Recently, I stepped out of my comfort zone and got Bombshelled. Think vintage pin-up photography. The good folks over at Bombshell make you feel so at ease--I had a blast!

(If you live in northeast KS, you really must go. If not--it's worth a trip to Lawrence, KS!)

This was the end result.


...and I must say, I had so much fun. So today, I urge you--be daring!

Step out of your comfort zone for awhile--it seems that is where life really happens!




  1. WOWZA! You look fantastic! I soooo want to do this! I wish Iived closer. Does anyone in Houston do this?

  2. Nice, Sarah!! You're so awesome!

    Tom B.


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