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[tuesday talks] - let's meet.

I've known my TML partner's for what, almost 5 years and have not met any of the ladies. But that never seemed to matter. There was an instant connection between us and through that our friendship was born. I look back at that time and can't believe how little our children were and how much they have grown. How much we've all grown as women, mother's, photographers and of course friends. I remember meeting Megan of Trees and Bees Photography, on the site CafeMom (that's where we all met) and was immediately drawn to her. Perhaps it was her beautiful photography, her free spirit and energy. Or perhaps it was because we both have little girls, born in December of 2005 - for whatever reason the connection was there. Me the older sister to her, the younger one.
Well I am happy to report that Megan and I finally met face to face. Annie and I picked up Megan and her sweet daughter Marley at Boston's Logan airport two weeks ago. I remember a friend of mine said won't it be terribly awkward to meet someone you don't know?! I never thought of it that way - we had emailed and chatted online for so long. I felt like I knew everything about her and she knew everything about me.  The minute our eyes met in the busy airport terminal - I was greeting one of my oldest friends.
Isn't it amazing how powerful the internet is. I admit, I am old enough to remember when there was no internet (and a big thank you to Al Gore for his invention!!). It is a huge part of our lives for so many reasons. Our businesses rely on it,  kids use it for homework and paper research, we shop, we take classes, we read the news and get the latest fashions all from a click of our keyboards. And we meet true and honest friends that fill our hearts with joy. Annie and Marley were instant besties. We loved hearing them giggle and share secrets and have these wonderful conversations with each other. It was the best visit and I loved every single minute of being with Megan. I can't wait to do it again and I can't wait until my eyes meet Shannon and Jen and Sarah. One of these days. It WILL happen. xo

and the beautiful megan. would you believe we didn't take a picture of the two of us together!

{for more images from our visit check out my blog - a twist of lime}


  1. So awesome you two finally met. I am amazed at how you all connected via the world wide web and have created this amazing blog! Yeah internet!! The girls are adorable and look like best buds.


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